Kicker DX2501 questions

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Kicker DX2501 questions

  • is this a good budget amp???

    <Considering using it with Kicker Comp 10C104 subs> <Mod Edit: Removed price discussion. Please refer to our Code of Conduct and price discussion policy. Thanks.>

    would this amp be ok to run the subs dont plan to do compitions or anything just some xtra thump

    ive got an alpine 9887 head unit right now   an upgrade will be soon to come

    could i get a quick reply please

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  • Don't believe listing competitor pricing in in compliance with the forum rules, but I'm not a moderator.Besides, you can get both for less buying from Crutchfield.

    The DX 250.1 looks to be a Class D mono amp rated at 250RMs@2 ohm, but likely to pump out a solid 300RMS+. From a power point, it's a perfect match for a couple of the subs. Only issue is the subsonic filter is fixed low, so if you go with the subs in a ported enclosure it needs to be tuned to 30Hz or lower.

  • sorry for breaking the rules   however i think i will take a different approach.

    with some different equipment  if i can afford it