What amp to use with JL 12w0-4?

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What amp to use with JL 12w0-4?

  • Hey folks,

     Looking for a new amp finnaly. My old Kennwood is just crappy and I'd like to upgrade. The sub sounds "okay" with the current amp, but its time to find something new. Id like to get the most out of my single sub.

    I'd like to go with either Rockford or Kicker on a new amp. Under $300. The sub is rated at 125W at 4ohms. Id like an amp around 200w if not more, but not sure if it could handle it. What do you guys recommend I go with? What brand? Model? Etc....


  • Hey Rob,

    While the JL sub's are built extremely tough and are a bit under rated, I would still try and stay a bit closer to the RMS powering handling of the subwoofer when looking at the RMS output of the amplifier. For Rockford Fosgate, the P300-1 is an excellent option. From the Kicker line-up, the ZX300.1 is the best match. Either one of these amplifiers will need an 8 gauge wiring kit if you don't already have one. The StreetWires PSK08Bi Amplifier Wiring Kit is a great kit should you need to pick one up. While both of these amplifiers are not yet available, we should be seeing them here very soon.

    Both of these amplifiers options are excellent and will provide years of rock solid performance. You really can't go wrong either way. Also, should you ever decide to add a second JL 12w0-4 sub, the resistance will be dropped to 2ohms and you'll see twice the power to provide a perfect power compliment to both of the subwoofers.

  • I would reccomend that you purchase a wiring kit with an inline fuse as the administrator reccomended.  I would go with a Class D or Mono amp, the alpine V series is very efficent and durrable.  Also you can count on getting the stated amount of power from the amplifier with Alpine, The W0 is a little older I would say an amplifier that is going to push 300-400 watts rms would work nicely because then you won't be pushing the amplifier to its maxium and it will also allow you to use the same amplifier if you decide to add another four omh sub in the future and run it at two omhs.  If you are going to invest the money.   Also the JL dealers will tell you to buy their amp's because it makes the install very easy because their R.I.P.S power supply automatically adjusts for power being supplied along with the omh's its recieving.  I would reccomend calling a sales advisor at crutchfield and they are very helpful at helping you with the various options that fall within your systems goals.  They really know what they are doing and are very knoledgable.  The 12W0 is a great speaker, I am a JL sub fan myself.