Wiring 4 channel amp to (1) DVC sub.

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Wiring 4 channel amp to (1) DVC sub.

  • I have and old Crossfire VR404 4-channel amp. And a JL 10W3 (or6) not sure.

     I can bridge the left and right channels independantly to produce 200wats on each channel.  Is it OK to connect channel A + and - to one set of terminal on the sub and use channel B + and - to the other set of leads?

     This is basically wiring (2) seperate channels into one sub.  I know this isn't the best method as I should be using just a 2 channel amp. However it's a case of use what you got.  I know the biggest draw back is matching the gain of both channels as close as possible.

      I also have a JLAudio E4300 4-channel amp that I have wired to the 4 door speakers. I could re-map the amp and use the 4300 for the sub, however the JL of course would put out a cleaner sound ?

  • You can connect one voice coil to each channel.

    It is not recommended b/c there is a chance for the signals to get out of phase and VC A to be "pushing" the sub while VC B is "pulling" it.

    I would try to use Y-adapters to make sure you are feeding both R and L inputs to both amp channels (mono signal) to minimize this.


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