2006 Saturn Ion 2 with 4 speakers replacement

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2006 Saturn Ion 2 with 4 speakers replacement

  • I need to replace the speakers in my Ion and can't all the information I need. I know the speaker size is 6 3/4" for both the front and rear speakers. I have the factory installed CD player etc. in the car. So.... What speakers do I purchase. What speakers will have the right Watts for my car and depth for the front door panels? 

    Also if anyone has any tip for replacing them? Don't think the rear speakers should give me too much trouble, just worried about the front. Help Thanks.

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  • If you buy from Crutchfield you get an installation master sheet that'll walk you through the process. If you contact a sales rep I'm sure they'll be able to inform you of the depth and tweeter protrusion limits of the speaker for factory placement applications.  For matching with the factory HU you'll want speakers with a high sensitivity rating and the power handling should have a minimum power requirement of only 2 watts. What's your budget and what do you want from these speakers? Are you planning to ever get a sub or are you expecting to get reasonable bass from the replacement speakers? If you're looking for any significant low end you need a sub, but if you amp the new speakers you could achieve satisfactory results. Many replacement speakers won't have the bass response the factory speakers had unless you amp them with more power. Off the factory HU power you'll likely only gain cleaner crisper sound and it may only be a slight increase with such limited power.

  • I'm looking for speakers that will at least be equivalent in sound to the factory speakers, if not better. Looking for speakers that have decent bass with out having to install a sub. Budget really isn't a decision factor.

  • If you're willing to install an amp to power them you piratically can't go wrong with any aftermarket speakers. However with the minimum amount of power your factory HU is pumping out, likely no more than 15RMSx4 (Although I have no proof saying it couldn't be more), you may have a very hard time finding speakers that will pump out significantly better bass. Crutchfield has well over 100 speakers they say will fit in your car, but most of them really need an amp to truly shine.

    According to ratings, the Alpine SPS-600 is the highest rated speaker by customers from Crutchfield that fits your car. Many reviewers seemed to feel these speakers sounded much better than stock speaker even with factory HU power. However, to really let them shine you'd want to feed them upwards of 80RMS. There are many other speakers that have high marks as well that I'm sure would suite you needs, but I'm willing to bet these Alpines will meet your needs and if you ever do amp them they should more than satisfy you.

    If you can, try going to a local audio shop and listen to their display setups to find if you hear one speaker that just sounds so much more pleasing to you than the rest.

  • See my comments in this reply about a display at a local audio shop.

    You will get more clarity with new speakers, but you won't really improve the sound or particularly the bass without either a head unit replacement or an amp.

    Hope This Helps!!!


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