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Replacement Speakers for 2008 Pontiac G6 w/ Monsoon System

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Replacement Speakers for 2008 Pontiac G6 w/ Monsoon System

  • I have blown my rear deck speakers and I am looking for replacements that will work with the stock system and maybe with a little more wattage. From what I have gathered they don't have an on board crossover and the speaker takes 4 wires. Also from what I've read consistently that they are 2 ohm speakers and possibly 6x9 in dimension but when I did a search on crutchfield the rear decks came up as 3.5". So please clarify the dimensions as well.

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  • Pretty sure they are 6x9. If I'm not mistaken, there are 4 wires cause the woofers in the stock 6x9's are amped seperately and the tweeters are powered by the head. In that case, I believe these Infinities will work nicely as you can leave out the little crossover module and wire the tweeter and woofer exactly how the stocks are.

    Does this make sense ?


    GLH Geeked


    How good are you at soldering?

    BTW - you are going to void the warranty in any case.

    Older Infinities were great for this as they were one of the few speakers with an external crossover with inputs and outputs so you could just leave out the crossover.

    The newer ones like GLH linked to are different - the crossover output wires are pre-connected to the speaker.

    I'm not sure if you could break into the speaker and find the four required wires (probably), but that would be required and might not work.

    Another option is to get any 6x9 speaker and cut the tinsel leads to the tweeter and solder those to your Monsoon tweeter leads and connect the Monsoon woofer leads to the reqular speaker terminals.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?


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  • I have tried to solder speaker wires to those leads before for a different application and it wasn't easy and nor did it last long due to the extensive vibrating so I am really looking for plug and play type speakers where no soldering is required (I don't mind cut and crimping though).

  • And also I noticed that the speakers you provided me are 4 ohm are there any 2 ohm to match the impedance.

  • if you're that concerned about ease of install and quick drop-in fix you could always just buy OEM replacement speakers. just be careful with the volume knob next time and tell yourself its only a factory radio.newer cars are more difficult to work with and integrate after market gear into. especially with pre-equalized signals, crossover points, and impedance.

    also, no offense, but if you soldered something before and it didn't last long due to vibrations only and not any other pulling stress then chances are you either didn't do it correctly or used the wrong kind of solder.

  • Thank you for your suggestion but why would I spend $300 on speakers of lower quality when I could spend half of that for higher quality speakers?

  • i'm not trying to get too into pricing, but i would not go to a dealership for a set of replacement speakers. a lot of people change out their whole system and try to ditch the stock stuff relatively cheap. in the past, before i went the route of rewiring my car, i found "premium" OEM bose speakers for one-fifth of that and about double of that price for new ones.

  • @Hottcakes - the Monsoon system separately amps the 6x9 woofers and tweeters with different amp channels.  I realized later what you were suggesting (flea-bay or junkyard), but I think it is relatively unlikely that you would find 3-year old speakers in decent shape at a decent price for this vehicle.  Other speakers will not work with that amp configuration.

    @jon0111387 - I wouldn't worry too much about the 2-ohm vs. 4-ohm impedance.  The aftermarket speakers that are sold as 2-ohm are really more like 3-ohm and you wouldn't notice the difference.

    Essentially - you have 4 options with this - listed in order of preference:

    • Older Infinity speakers actually had external crossovers - (692.7i, 692.5i) - this is as close as you can get to drop-in aftermarket performance.  You can still find them under $100, but some sites say "Discontinued, upgrade to current model".  Make sure you are buying the actual product if you go this route.
    • Canibalizing a cheap aftermarket 6x9 is your next best bet.  I suck at soldering as well - but you could probably get someone who does electronics work to desolder the tinsel leads and solder some stranded speaker wire to them - that is really all you would need.  You could also probably use posi-products crimp caps on the tinsel leads with new stranded wire.  I don't think regular crimp connectors would work well.
    • You could connect aftermarket 6x9's, but they will only play treble or bass unless you bypass the Monsoon amp and then you will lose overall volume.  Personally, I would encourage you to scrap the Monsoon system and go with an aftermarket HU and 4-speakers - but that might be more than you want to spend.  HU cost plus $90 if you need the proper harness to retain OnStar, plus $90 if you want to retain the Driver Information Center.
    • Replacement OEM speakers from the dealer, junkyard, flea-bay, etc.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • Hi, I'm new here and just got a 99 Buick Regal with Monsoon...same exact issue as above. 

    I have been trying to find the infinity 692.5 or 692.7 but no luck. 

    Could I replace the rear 6x9s with another speaker that has an external crossover?  I saw a pair of Boston Acoustic

    SC95 that say "External crossover with 3 Tweeter levels"/  Would these work?  I'm trying to avoid re-vamping the entire system (new amp, wiring etc)

    Thanks so much!


  • Cole,

    Welcome to the forum! 

    You can make those SC95's work but it would require some customization on your part.  Basically it would mean cutting the wires going to the tweeter and splicing them into the high-pass output from the factory amplifier. 

    An easier route would be to use component speakers, where there are separate inputs for the woofer and tweeter.  Don't know where you read about an external crossover, but those particular speakers do not have them.

    [edited by: J Ro at 8:13 PM (GMT -5) on Sat, Jun 4 2011]
  • Thanks J Ro!

    Someone had a description I must''ve read wrong.  I'll look for some component speakers to replace with.  In this case, the stock speakers were 2ohms I believe...should the ones I buy be the same?

    The amp (I am told) is a 6-channel stock Monsoon amp.

    Thanks again for your tips and advice!


  • Hard to find strictly 2 ohm speakers, but they are out there. Problem is, most are for high power applications, and might not work well with low power systems such as the Monsoon system. The Infinity speakers that claim 2 ohm are acutally closer to 2.9 ohm usually, but will work better than 4 ohm. Look for high sensitivity also. You might look at JBL and some Polk, but the JBL especially are usually very expensive, if they fit.


    GLH Geeked

  • Thanks GLH,

    Sorry to be a bother with this...just making me nuts lol. 

    I've found mainly 6.5inch or 6x8 components with 2ohms impedance...most are 4 and some 3.

    What would be an ideal pair of speakers for a simple plug and play? I was thinking to put in 6.5" JBLs or another 6x8 and use adapter plates.  Just so I dont need a new deck and bypassing the amp....and not using stock speakers.  Thanks again

  • Not an ideal replacement set for the Monsoon amp. Ideal would be replace the head and wire directly to 4 ohm speakers or to a aftermarket 4 channel amp then speakers.


    GLH Geeked