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subwoofer box port size

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subwoofer box port size

  • My son built his own box for his subwoofer and put in the port hole using the suggested dimension for the port.  My question: Can the port hole be larger than the suggested dimension?  Or will that adversely effect the sound?

    His subwoofer is pulling away from the box since he used wood screws in mid-density particle board, and I'd like to replace the wood screws with machine screws with nuts & washers on the backside/inside of box if possible, so we need to enlarge the port hole so we can reach in to put the nuts on the machine screws.

    Am I too frugile?  Or do you suggest that he just buy a new subwoofer box?  I argue that he could have the same problem on whatever type of new subwoofer box he gets.


  • Any change is port dimensions will change the tuning of the box.


    Why are the screws pulling out? How thick is the wood?

  • 1 inch.  but again, it's median density particleboard/fiberboard.  I didn't watch him install the speakers, so he may have overtightened the wood screws too.
  • Yeah, I'd say he must have stripped them out when he installed them.

    You could fix the holes by filling them with glue and then breaking off a tooth pick or two in the hole and then running the screw in before it dries. Or just rotate the sub an inch and drill new holes.


  • Making the port bigger is not the answer. Unless you were to only just slightly change it, it will definitely make a difference in the sound. Making it bigger will decrease the pressure inside of the box, which could even cause the sub to blow.
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  • Thank you.  Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest...and easiest to be overlooked.

    BTW nice pickup. I have a 2003 Ram quad cab. I'm in NE Nebr.

  • Glad to help.