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Speaker/Tweeter Set - Tweeters Only work?

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Speaker/Tweeter Set - Tweeters Only work?

  • Hey guys. I am kinda new when it comes to installing speakers and all. I recently decided to install a new Sony CD Player and VDP speakers in my YJ Jeep. The Sony CD Player came with the wiring kit so that was pretty much plug and play. The new speakers are 2x-6" Speakers and 2x- Tweeters, they have lights on them, but I am not really concerned about those working right now. The speakers came with a wiring kit, it has two wires for "Left Side Speakers" and two for "Right Side Speakers" It also has a "power ground" wire and a "+12v" wire. I have yet to connect the power and ground wire because I think all they are for is the lights to come on. Anyways, I spliced the speaker wires into the left side sound using quick connects, as well as right side sound. The Tweeters work, however the 6" speakers with the set does not. Must I have the 12v wires connected for them to work? I cannot see why? Also I tried to make sure I had the (+) and (-) speaker wires correct could I have mixed them up? But then I cant understand why the tweeters are working fine....


    Any help would be great guys, I am a newbie at this speaker stuff, and thanks a head of time.

  • What is the model number of the VDP speakers - I found their website here.  (I'm assuming you have the VDP Model 54001 Center Hump Speaker System with Lights).

    Normally component speakers will have a crossover the is connected to the HU, and then wires from the crossover to the woofers and tweeters.  It's also possible that these are not true components but merely full range 6." with tweeters wired in parallel with the woofers.

    If the model is right, the description mentions a crossover.  I hate to say it, but you might have to open the enclosure and make sure the woofers are connected to the crossovers (which I'm guessing are mounted internally).

    If you could post a picture of the connection points it would help, but it sounds to me like the wires you have connected would be the inputs to the crossovers and for some reason the woofers are not connected to the crossovers (defective product maybe?). 

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