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Sirius Sportster 5, antenna not detected

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Sirius Sportster 5, antenna not detected

  • Hey y'all--

    I have a Sirius Sportster 5 that's a little over a year old.  I've been losing my signal and getting a message that says "antenna not detected."  I figured I might have a damaged Sirius antenna cable, so I put in a new antenna.  My old one was not cut or frayed, but it did have a kink in one spot. 

    I routed the new antenna cable differently, and it seemed to fix the problem for a few days, but now it's back.   It's not a weather issue; it acts up on clear days as much as cloudy ones. 

    The Sportster has never been dropped and has no visible damage of any kind.  I never take it out of my truck, so there should be no wear on the connections.

    Is there a way to troubleshoot the unit?


    edit for more info:  I have a Kenwood CD/HD headunit that I bought at the same time as the Sirius, and am connecting the Sirius to the Kenwood via aux jack cable.  It's in a 96 Dodge Ram.  The problem doesn't seem to relate to a geographic location, time of day, etc.  It's different from a signal blockage such as caused by a building, etc, anyway.  The "antenna not detected" message appears on the Sirius unit.   It was fine for over a year. 




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  • I'm not sure, but my guess would be a bad antenna jack connection on the sportster 5 itself.

    Not sure if or how easily that could be repaired.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • Thanks....


    No apparent damage to the center pin on the antenna connection, no looseness to the connector....


    Really tired of buying expensive mobile electronics that last just over a year.  Don't get me started on GPS's.



  • Hey i have a fix for that Sporster5 antenna problem if you still have it.

  • Is it something that can be shared with the forum?

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • I ended up getting the adapter box to feed the Sirius directly into my Kenwood head unit, and a docking gizmo that bypasses the failed antenna connection.

    But please share your fix!




  • Hi, the problem is usually the solder joints in the head unit itself. They crack where the antenna inputs meet the circuit board.

    This is caused from excessive vibration because the dock design sucks and should have had a better support for the radio while docked.

    They are repairable but you need a steady hand and micro tipped soldering iron to get the job done.

    The antenna ground connection is right next to the positive,...I mean less then a 1/32" apart.

    Too big of an iron or two much solder and you will wind up soldering both terminals together accidentally which will render the antenna jack useless.

  • P.S. that guy on youtube who posted the video,..well thats a temp fix and not even a good one.

    If your radio is sitting there with the antenna not detected display, give it a light tap with a screwdriver handle...hell mine even did it by hitting it with my hand before I fixed it. The problem would go away for a bit but then came back usually within the hour.

    The only fix is to resolder the antenna jack.

    If you want to check your radio antenna jack for looseness.

    get a bic pen and stick the ball point right in the little antenna jack on the bottom of the radio. Hold the radio still and see how easy and how far the antenna jack can wiggle with the pen tip.

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