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Aiwa CDC z127 problem

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Aiwa CDC z127 problem

  • Hey, I recently just purchased a new car that had an aiwa z127 stereo already installed in it. Everything on it works fine besides the volume knob, which won't respond at all. I was wondering if there's any way to fix it.


    Also, how do I remove the stereo? I might end up purchasing another stereo if there isn't an easy fix to this.




    edit: I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee

    [edited by: Ryan at 4:44 PM (GMT -5) on Wed, Mar 2 2011]
  • That's probably not an easy fix.  You can try resetting the unit, but .... (Page 5).

    You are supposed to use the removal keys to take it out (Page 12), but without them you can usually get the latches to release with small screwdrivers or butter knives.  Sometimes it is easier to get to the latches from behind the radio and sometimes it is easier to remove the dash kit with the radio installed and then remove the radio from the kit out of the vehicle.

    Most stereo shops install bays will have a collection of removal keys and will likely remove the radio for you (for possibly a small charge).

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?


    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • We should be able to repair it for you, but it will cost almost just as much as a new receiver (parts for older receivers like that one are scarce and thus cost more than they should).