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  • A few questions that I can not seem to get answered anywhere:

    1. Does this model have a limit on how may files/ GB worth of information it can access on a USB?  My older model does not allow access to some files somewheres above 12GB.  I can see the folders, but can not click to view contents of play MP3's.  (and yes I have the required folder file structure as outlined by KENWOOD)Big Smile

    2. Has KENWOOD added FF and RR to MP3 playback not just SKIP FORWARD to next track or back?

    3. Has KENWOOD had any improvements on speeding up access of MP3 files?  The old "Playlist feature (Actually just a way to sort by Album, Artist etc...and not an actual playlist) was painfully slow and with over 12GB of MP3's was totally useless as I would get to my destination before it became active.

    4.Is there a Custom boot screen option on this unit?  (Not background image, I see that)  I currently have the Toyota logo splash on the screen when I start the car or turn on the radio.

    5. Speaking of backgrounds, all the pictures show a Blue-ish background with blue-ish touch screen buttons.  I can change the hard button color, but not the touchscreen buttons.  Are teh touchscreen button color somehow tied to the background color, or will I be stuck with blue-ish buttons with an Amber background?

    Lots of questions I know, but no one seems to know.  I don't want to by, only to be disappointed and return it.  Sad



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  • 1. The unit looks to have the following limitations, "The head unit can recognize a total of 5,000 files and 250 folders per USB device (a maximum of 999 filers per folder).". So it doesn't appear there's a GB limit on the size of the the USB device, however, if you were to store your music at 320kbps MP3's, then realistically you'd only have to use a 64GB USB device to store all 5000 songs.

    2. Yes, it supports Reverse/Forward search by pressing and holding [1] [¡].

    3.Unsure, as I'm unable to locate any specifics on the access speed, but given it has USB2.0 it should be much faster.If you have a local audio shop with Kenwood HU's that have USB2.0, try one of them out with your USB, it should be similar in speed, even if it's not the same exact model.

    4.Doesn't appear to be such a feature on this unit, but it's possible Kenwood didn't cover it in the manual. Does your older model have this feature covered in it's manual on how to set a boot up screen?

    5. "Front Panel Controls with Variable Color Illumination: In addition to the touchscreen controls, the unit includes frequently used buttons along the bottom edge of the screen. You can adjust the head unit's button illumination from the following preset colors - Blue, Purple, Sky Blue, Yellow, Green, Amber, Red, Pink, White or Scan (Scans through all preset colors). You can also select a custom "User" color that is adjusted between Red, Green, and Blue (values range: 0-31).

    Note: The Kenwood logo remains red, regardless of variable color illumination setting.

    Hope that helps. For further help you might want to contact a Crutchfield representative, if you haven't already. If you have, they should have been able to tell you the same things I have and possibly more.


  • broderp

    3. Has KENWOOD had any improvements on speeding up access of MP3 files?  The old "Playlist feature (Actually just a way to sort by Album, Artist etc...and not an actual playlist) was painfully slow and with over 12GB of MP3's was totally useless as I would get to my destination before it became active.

    I know a couple years ago, there were reports of slow speeds with USB drives. I have not seen any bad reviews lately on this subject so it would appear it is not as bad.

  • 1. I had a 16GB flash drive with about 12GB worth of MP3's (120-320Kbps) and it played fine.  I bought a 32GB usb drive so I could load it with my entire library of music (approx 16.7GB) and have room for more.   I can not read about 1/3 of them and I can not find a problem with my file structure.  I only have 3200 songs.  (Heck, the 14MB FREE app for my Android Phone can play any song and loads the information instantly with the same 16.7GB of music. I would expect a $1000 KENWOOD to do the same.)  My comcern is the new unit will have the same issue, then I may as well keep my current head unit, as it has GPS as well.

    2.  Thanks for the info on this.  I alsways hate the fact my KENWOOD DNX-5120 can not Fast forward or fast reverse thru songs.  Just Skip to the next.

    3. The only local shop here is Best Buy.  They refuse to give me access to the back of the unit on display to plug in my USB drive. Angry I was noy aware that earlier KENWOODS such as my DNX-5120 (5140?) weer USB 1.0 and not 2.0.    hmmmmm.

    4. The boot screen feature was covered here in the forum actually. Wink  You press the SRC and EJECT button while also pressing the RESET button and it boots to a screen that allows you to upload an image from a USB drive.  (Gices you a choice of KENWOOD or OEM)  As I could not find the reset button on this model, nor a SRC button (I assume there is an equivilent) as well as not hook up my USB drive locally, this answer still illudes me.

    5.  I know about the hard buttons and the ability to change them,  I noted this in my original post I believe.  I'm referring to the touch screen buttons.  On the photos here an in the local store, the buttons are a bluish color that match the OEM background.  If I change the OEM back ground, I want to know if my touch screen buttons will also use the background colors and change, or if I will be stuck with a orange background with blue-silver buttons.

    I appreciate your input though, Wink

  • Sadly, my local Kenwood retailer doesn't have but a couple of the new 2012 models and they are all the entry level single DIN model. They say their going to stop carrying a lot of car audio as it's not a big seller for them.

    While Best Buy may not be willing to give you access to the rear of the HU, it may not be too difficult for you to remove the HU yourself for access. Granted, they will not like you doing this, but you're not stealing the item and as long as you don't damage it, you have no obligation to buy it. Honestly, I'm a little surprised they're not willing to be a little more helpful to a customer. I've never really messed with the one's at my Local Wal-Mart (they really don't carry anything that appeals to me), but all three audio shops here in town have no problem removing the HU and plugging and iPod/USB into it for sampling. Heck, they've let me do it myself on a few occasions.

    Sorry I wasn't of more assistance. Still, you might want to contact a Crutchfield representative for more information on the HU.

  • Its definately easy to access, 4 screws, but its not worth the hassel. I probably know more about AV and stereo thatn the kids who work there.  They made a big stink about it when I asked.  (I'm a 41 year old engineer, not some kid with no money who wants to just play around.)  <-- No offense to young people who are respectable young adults.Wink

    They also claim 15% restocking if opened and returned. 

    I was really hoping someone here worked for CRUTCHFIELD and would be able to answer my questions, or had bought this unit and had some hands on experience to share.  The guys in tech support have generally been very helpful, but for some reason, my questions seem to always be from out in left field, and all I ever get quoted is the owners manual....which I have and have read.  Crying


  • Yea, my car doesn't accept DD HU's so I don't even look at them myself, besides, I haven't had any luck with Kenwood in the past and don''t see myself ever going back to them. For those who have had good luck with their reliability and longevity, that's awesome, many of their HUs look great on paper and are very feature rich, I'm just not up to being burned again. If your questions were on Pioneer, Alpine, or even Sony HUs, I'm sure I could be of more help, I've owned a lot of Pioneer and Alpine HUs and my current is a Sony, which has surprisingly impressed, even though I've never before cared for anything they had in terms of car audio.

    As for people that work for Crutchfield on here, those would be the administrators, who only seem to pop in from time to time on threads that look to be unresolved. Truth be told, I'm not too sure any of them would be of any more help than the tech support guys. Now while I know he doesn't like me saying much, J Ro on here does do installations for a living. While he's the forum (ported) subwoofer expert, he might have had his hands on one of those units and might just maybe have some input. All I can do is hope he stumbles into this thread and actually has messed with the HU and knows something about it. Chances are slim, but there's still a chance.

    Sorry about the typical tossing out of quotes from the manual, but many of the questions about equipment are asked by people who haven't done much, if any research on the product. Often they are new to the whole car audio scene, so it's not surprising they haven't done any real research on equipment (no offense to anyone this may apply to).


    Not the nicest thing to recommend, for Crutchfield's sake, but you could buy the unit from them, try it out to answer your questions and then return it.

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