2000 Ford Expedition HU Question

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2000 Ford Expedition HU Question

  • I have purchased a 2000 Ford Expedition with the mach audio system with 6 disc changer my question is if I replace the Factory HU with aftermarket am I still using the factory amp to power the sub if so I can also replace the factory sub with a better one correct. thanks for any help.
  • Hello and welcome to the forums, stark21!

    You'll be glad to know when you replace your factory stereo, you can still use the factory subwoofer and amp. If you'd like to replace the factory subwoofer I strongly suggest adding an aftermarket amplifier as well. More often than not, the factory amplifier isn't powerful enough to deliver the type of power an aftermarket subwoofer needs. Here are some great low-powered subs you might want to take a look at:

    MTX Thunder4500

    Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 1

    Polk Audio db840

    Anyone else have some input?

  • When I installed a new system in my 2003 Ford Explorer, I hooked up my aftermarket subs and amp, but left the factory amp and sub hooked up as well.  I had been thinking about possibly replacing the factory sub since I often take my box out when needing the extra cargo room.  Any idea what type of power these factory amplifies normally put out?  In general, most 8" subs run in the 200-250 RMS range so I would expect the factory amp to put out close to that, but in reading the above post, it sounds otherwise.  I can't seem to locate the specs anywhere online for the factory amps.  I would be willing to change out the amp if I was able to get it in the factory housing, but if I could use what is there, I thought that may be an easier option.

    On another note - with my new deck, the factory sub pops when I start it up.  Could this be because the new deck has 3.3V sub outs?

     Any information would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

  • I would guess the factory sub amp is probably around 50W RMS, if that, but that's just an estimate, I've never read anything official on it.

    For the popping noise, you probably need a 12V to 5V regulator on the amp turn-on.  See here.  (There was a previous thread that said you could use a PC floppy drive power cable to connect it if you don't solder - I suspect a CD-ROM CD audio cable might work as well).


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