2 4-ohm DVC Type-R subs using Mono Amp?

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2 4-ohm DVC Type-R subs using Mono Amp?

  • I am trying to figure out how to hook up 2 4-ohm Type-R 12in subs using a Kenwood 1800W Mono-Amp(KAC-9104D).

    I was wanting to bring the amp down to 2ohms so it would be running about 900W x 1 or 450W to each sub.

    After I purchased it I read that it is best to use a 2-channel amp with 2 4-ohm DVC Typre-R subs.  I called Kenwood and they said just to hook up the subs using only a single coil on each sub and hook it up normal to get to 2 ohms but then would the subs be at 2 ohms or at there rated 4 ohms?

    I am thinking that I need to get a 2-channel amp for these subs and sell the Mono Amp.  Which I don't want to do, so is there any way to get the amp to 2 ohms and keep the subs at 4 ohms.

     Also kenwood said that the way I had it hooked up(using the DVC in series I believe) it was running down to 1 ohm and could overpower the amp even though it says it can go to 1 ohm. 

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 

  • DVC sub

    Going by this diagram can I hook up the subs like this.  But instead of one sub just add another wired the same way?

    So the amp would be at 2 ohms and the subs at 4 ohms or does that not work like that?


    heres the diagram you need for 2 dvc 4 ohm subs. BUT it would be wired to 1 ohm and not 2 ohm

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  • I called Kenwood and they said that it could overpower the amp if run at 1 ohm.  But it gives the 1 ohm specs in the manual and on the internet.  The guy I talked to at Kenwood had to put me on hold a couple times to research my questions so I don't really trust what he was saying.

    You think the amp would run ok at 1 ohm?

    So there is no way to run the amp at 2 ohms with two DCV subs?

  • First of all on CF it says that amp is 1 ohm stable so theoretically it should run perfectly fine. BUT if youre running 2 subs then you cant wire it to have a 2 ohm impedance. Your choice is 1 ohms 4 ohms and 8 ohms if im correct. With 1 sub it is possible to wire it for 2 ohms but not with 2 subs.
  • Thanks for the responses.  I think I will try it out at 1ohm and see how the amp does.
  • ok, I checked my wiring and this is how I have it wired to run parallel.  At least this is how I understand it to run the amp down to 1 ohm using two 4 ohm DVC subs.

    Does this look right?  Both positives with the jumper wire bringing them together and both negatives with the jumper wire bringing them together.  Then the Negative wire going to the Negative terminal on the amp and Positive wire going to the positive terminal on the amp.


    The two wires on the left together are the positive and the two wires together are the negative.  It is a MONO amp so it shouldn't matter if the wire are together or seperate? 

  • wrong 2 4ohm dvc subs can pull a two ohm load by wiring - to- and + to+ and then running both subs straight to the amp instead of running them in parrell and 1 sub straight to the amp pulling 1 ohm u can wire them to two ohm.
  • nope thats wiring it for 1 ohm. Wiring both subs straight to the amp puts it in parallel so its still 1 ohm and not 2 ohms.