Will a Kicker zx750.1 AMP be enough to power a JL Audio 12w7?

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Will a Kicker zx750.1 AMP be enough to power a JL Audio 12w7?

  • I have heard the Kicker AMP put out more RMS than it lists. so my question is will it beable to handle the (1) JL Audio 12w7 1000RMS Subwoofer.

    I want hard hitting bass keep in mind...

    Or should i go with 2 Kicker L7's w/ 2 Kenwood AMPS 1800W/900RMS each at 2 ohms.

    On a side note...i am torn between component speakers and coaxial speakers for the fronts and back of my car. Its between Focal 165VR & 165 CVX   or Boston Acoustics SR60 and SR65.

    ive had boston acoustics in the past and loved em, but have been hearing a lot about focal. Now the Bostons are cheaper with better RMS per speakers. But im really curious about the Focal's.

    Please HELP

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  • The JL is an SQ sub  that, in the right enclosure, can get loud.

    The kickers, in the right enclosure, are just meant to get loud, with not much SQ at all.

    If you do go with the 2 L7's, DON'T go with two amps. It's more expensive than getting just one that can hanlde both, not to mention cancellation issues, more wiring needed, a ton more adjustment......just don't do it.

    The Boston don't have a better RMS rating, they have a higher RMS rating. But Focals are pretty power hungry, and will want more than the RMS rating. Focals sound great!  I've never heard Boston Acoustics, so I can't compare for you. If you want great, balanced sound, a component set is the way to go.


  • Continuing on Superfly's post...

    The general rule of thumb for powering subs is to find an amp that outputs ~75%-100% of the sub's nominal power rating. For a 1000W JL, something in the 750-1000W RMS will work well. (If you know what you are doing, you can a bit higher or lower.)

    Boston used to make some great speakers, but recently haven't held up the same standard (imho). That said, I would audition both (and any others you have access to) before making a decision. It would be extremely unwise to make a decision based off specs alone (ESPECIALLY in the case of speakers). After you audition a few, and get a general sense of what kind of sound you like (in your face, smooth and detailed, punchy, etc) we can make better recommendations.

    Throughout your decision process, use specs as a starting point, but don't get too hung up on them. Let your ears (and wallet) make the primary decisions.

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