01 cadillac seville w/Bose system amp/sub add-on? want to, but skeered.

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01 cadillac seville w/Bose system amp/sub add-on? want to, but skeered.

  • I would really like to add an amp/sub to my car, but don't want to compromise the Bose factory system. It has pancake woofers in the doors, and a 12" sub in the rear deck, but surely does not perform like the system I had in my truck (punch amp & two tens). I just want to be absolutely sure it won't burn up something else in the system. I've visited Cadillac forums with mixed opinions, and Bose says "no", of course. Has anyone had good, long-term luck with adding aftermarket stuff to a Caddy? I have a 10" kicker comp vr, but need the right box and amp to push it. Need advice. Thank you.

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  • Wiring info here.

    I don't see any show-stoppers.  I would use the subwoofer output on the Bose Amp to a 2-channel line output converter to your subwoofer amp.

    Do you have the DVC-2-ohm or DVC-4-ohm Kicker CVR?

    IMS, they are 400W RMS - can handle more than that.

    Out of curiosity, what responses did you get that said it would be a problem on the Cadillac forums?

    Hope This Helps!!!


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  • The stock sub in the rear deck is a free air type. A ported enclosure in the trunk might be what you are looking for.

    GLH Geeked

  • thanks for the fast response. I have the aluminum faced 2 ohm cvr. btw: That link took me to a place I'd never seen at Crutchfield-Awesome! I need a box, ported preferably, and an amp. Along with all the stuff to hook it up. any suggestions on an amp? Thanks a bunch.


    ps. I think probably it was not Caddy forums, but a stereo help website out of florida. They suggested fixing what I had, instead of aftermarket. (i ordered a replacement pancake from Bose, and replaced the driver door speaker myself)


  • definitely a sub in a ported box. Thanks glh.

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  • Likely bad advice, I would have probably replaced the whole stereo with aftermarket for the probable cost of the pancake.

    You can tell from the CF page that the system is highly data bus driven, so you pretty much have to fix it or scrap all of it (with the exception of subs/amps).

    You need an amp that is 400-500W RMS at either 1-ohm or 4-ohms.  The MRP-M1000 or similar would be fairly good if you thought you might want two subs later on.  These amps would be good, or maybe the Hifonics BXI-601 - although it's a bit powerful for it.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • thanks a lot, tigerheli. I gotta go to work. Will check w/u later and pick your brain, if u don't mind. wonderful ideas and suggestions. I'm actually excited again about my caddy sounding like I want.

  • Numberonezero sent me the following in a PM (conversation), responding here so others can comment and other Cadillac owner's can benefit:

    Hello, I first want to again say thanks for your help the other day. Second, I placed some items in my cart: sub box, amp, and a line-out converter. Been thinking more about what all it would take, and how much it would cost, to revamp my whole system. The stock Bose system is just mediocre, at best. I hate to say that, but it's true. I noticed yesterday, when I switched from listening to a cd, to the radio, the radio is almost twice as loud, and better sounding than the disc. So, today I bought a laser lens cleaner. Can't tell any difference, really. I lack highs and lows, big time. I had a truck that I put Pioneer components in, and was pleased. It had two tens with punch amp: sounded great. I miss that sound. Gonna cost a bunch though, I bet. Would appreciate your input. Thanks a lot.

    First off - out of curiosity - what's in the cart?  You can remove the LOC if you are replacing the HU, and you need an amp wiring kit, but we'll get to that.

    (I'm assuming you either do not have or do not use OnStar).

    It will probably cost a lot less than you think - apart from an interface adapter, there are many VERY nice head units (I tend to like Pioneer, JVC, and Alpine) for around $150, the dash illumination is a mix of white and green, so a lot of units look good in it, and the car uses four 6.5-inch speakers which could be as low as $40/pair.  For $230, you have better sound than you have now.  (Ideally you'd probably want to use better speakers and add a main amp, so figure about another $200 on top of that - amp could be added later, though).

    (You could also cut the head unit cost to $80 if you know exactly what you want and what is involved to install it, but I don't REALLY recommend that).

    Okay - now for the details (where you-know-who is in) ...

    Start with Outfit My Car here.

    If you buy from CF, they will send you this antenna adapter, you also need a dash kit and a wiring adapter - I will cover those separately.

    CF doesn't list a dash kit for your car (hopefully an oversight) - Metra shows what you need here.  For a single-DIN radio, you need the 99-2005 kit, and for a double-DIN you need the 95-2005b kit.  CF usually includes these free, so I would talk to an advisor, but if they don't have them, they are inexpensive (under $20) and readily available online.

    All that's left is wiring the deck up - you have four options here:

    • Outfit my car is going to show you this harness adapter for $120 or $60 with qualifying receiver, but that assume you will be keeping OnStar and using the Bose amps and speakers.  If you are changing the speakers (recommended), you can ditch the Bose amps (also recommended).
    • The trick in this case is to tell CF you have the non-Bose system in which case, they will sell you this adapter for $80 or $40 with a qualifying head unit.
    • Really, I recommend the harness above, but you are going to be bypassing the Bose amps, so you will really just about be running new speaker wire anyway.  In that case, you only need to get 12V ACC, 12V constant, and GND to the receiver (and maybe illumination), so you could decide to hard-wire the new radio in yourself, in which case you don't need any wiring adapter (but you will lose the door and warning chimes).
    • Finally - I don't think this applies to your car, but with the 1996-1999 Cadillac's, apparently if you remove the factory stereo, the car thinks the radio has been stolen and nothing in the car works properly (Nice feature if someone really did steal your OEM stereo - NOT!!!!).  That can also be worked around be keeping the OEM stereo connected to the databus lines, but relocating it to the trunk or similar, but we'll cross that bridge when and if (hopefully not) we need to.

    CF's tech support will also help after the sale.  Let me know if any of that wasn't clear ...

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • At this point, the first thing I would recommend is that you follow the links to either dash kit above, look at the product instructions for radio removal, and remove and unplug the factory radio.  See if anything weird happens for a couple of days after you do that.  If it does, the install is more complicated b/c the radio needs to remain in the system (unused).  If not, the install gets a lot easier.

    Next, you need to start deciding on components to go in the system:

    • First off, what's your budget?
    • Second - what kind of music do you listen to and how loud do you want it.  The new head unit (HU) will be louder than the factory system, but if you drive with the windows down, you might want an external amp.
    • Third - What features are important to you in a head unit:
      • Does it need to exactly match the dash lights?
      • Do you have/use an iPod?
      • Do you want USB support?
      • FM radio presets?
      • Bluetooth?
      • Satellite Radio?
      • Navigation?
      • Single or Double-DIN?

    After that, we can go over wiring it in in more detail.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs