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How to hook up 4ohm dvc and 4ohm svc to mono amp?

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How to hook up 4ohm dvc and 4ohm svc to mono amp?

  • Alpine SWE-1043--4ohm svc

    Alpine SWR-1243D--4 ohm dvc

    hooked up to

    alpine mrp-500;)


    [edited by: Ryan at 4:18 PM (GMT -5) on Thu, Mar 15 2012]
  • Okay so I hate to seem like a jerk but I'm not actually going to answer your question for a couple of reasons.


    1. You don't want to run a 10 inch and 12 inch sub simultaneously. Never. Never ever. End of story. Okay well you can but you would have to run separate amps and use bandpass filters and such. So in other words don't do it.
    2. It's not recommended to run a 4 ohm DVC and a 4 ohm SVC. You could wire it to something like a 3 1.33 (not sure why i said 3 LOL) ohm or 6 load but that's kind of pointless.
    3. There are no websites with diagrams for this craziness that I could link too.


    Now with that said I would strongly urge you to not do this. Now if you wanted to get a 2 ohm SVC sub you could wire the two subs to 1 ohm which is not recommended with that amp because you'll fry it. Now have you bought all of these components yet or is this a purchase your planning on making soon? If you haven't bought anything yet I could suggest a better set up.

    Oh and I almost forgot. Either of those subs would do fine with that amp by themselves. But putting them together would result in under-powering them dramatically.

    Oh and another thing, don't link to competitors sites. You can link to CF or a manufactures site but not competitors (especially the hedgehog, no one likes the hedgehog Angry).

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  • This would be ill advised and for multiple reasons.

    Now the one I'm going to focus on is that you can wire them for a 1.33 ohm final load (all voice coils wire in parallel), which won't work with your amp, or a 12 ohm final load (all voice coils wired in series), in which case you'd be feeding next to no power to each voice coil and would be extremely disappointed in the output.

    The are more reasons not to do it (Teddy covered some), but that one I listed tells you it's just not feasible.

    If you don't mind, remove the Hyperlink on the amp in your first post. If you don't a Mod will have to do it and it's just more work for them, they already have enough to deal with... usually.

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  • already have the 10" type e. was just curious if i could hook it up also. newbie so sorry if it sounds dumb. sorry bout tha link also. 1st post

  • Your fine and your post wasn't dumb you truly didn't know that there could be a problem. You would be surprised at some of the thing people will ask on these forums. If yours classified as dumb I don't believe others could even have a classification LMAO. 

    GMC Sonoma, JVC KD-A95BT, 2 Pioneer TS-D601P in doors, 2 Pioneer TS-G4644R in dash, 2 JL W3v2-D2 10 inch subs, Lightning Audio B4.250.2, Soundstream TX1.1300D

  • R/T 300 Enclosure Series (318-12 Alpine) - Single 12" Slot Vented Sub Bass Hatchback Speaker Box with Labyrinth Power Port for Alpine Subs


    • 1.65 Cu. Ft. Air Space/Tuning - 40 Hz
    • 20.0" W x 14.75" H x 15.0" D



  • With said amp and sub?


  • The 12" alpine that is

  • Should work fine. I would rather see 35 hz tuning for that sub, but it will do fine at 40 hz.

    The amp is kinda stout for that sub, but you can set the gain with a DMM and keep it tamed down to around 350 watts.

    You need a 35 hz subsonic or highpass filter for that box tuning. You can google F-Mods or Harrison Labs and find them.

    GLH Geeked

  • His Type-R 12" is rated for 600RMS.

    Anyways, the amp you have, as stated doesn't have a proper subsonif filter for that setup. You can buy one of these or even one of these should work.

    Since the sub can handle more power than the amp is rated to produce, set the gain for 500RMS. Use this method for setting the gain via a DMM (digital multi-meter) and set the output for 31.62 VAC.

  • I agree with the others, but it CAN be done and could work - it's a horrible idea, but ...

    Can't be done, but could be done with something like an 8-ohm SVC JL and the SWE-1043.

    • Wire the voice coils (VC's) on the SWR in series for 8-ohms and the two subs in parallel for 2.667-ohms at the amp.  This works well, except with the subs in parallel, 2x the power of the amp goes to the lower impedance sub.  The amp is probably around 400W RMS at that impedance, so the SWE sees 266W and the SWR sees 133W - not good.
    • Wire the voice coils on the SWR in parallel for 2-ohms and the two subs in series for 6-ohms.  This doesn't work either b/c the amp produces much less power at 6-ohms (maybe 200W) and in series, the higher impedance sees more power - so the SWE now sees 133W and the SWR sees 66W - worse.

    FWIW ...


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  • Weigel21
    His Type-R 12" is rated for 600RMS

    OOOPS ... My Bad. I was looking at the type S.


    GLH Geeked