i need an amp for my 2 jl audio 12W0

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i need an amp for my 2 jl audio 12W0

  • I have 2 jl audio 12w0's in a jl audio powerwedge sealed box. I have no idea what kind of amp I should buy. The powerwedge box i have the subs in is single ported. I know that my 2 12W0's have a 125watt rms, a single voice coil, and are both 4 ohms. I need some suggestions because i dont know how to pick out an amp. I would like an amp that is name brand and have it be some where in the $200 and under price range. Can some one help me find the best amp for my 12w0's that is under $200.

  • depends on how they are wired inside

    to make 100% sure have someone check it with a multi meter, an installer would have one, so does walmart

    if its at 8ohms series, you need 250w @ 8ohms

    if its 2 ohms paralell, you need 250w @ 2ohms (which is a much cheaper amp)

    if they are wired seperately, you need 125w x2 @ 4ohms, or you have the additional bonus of wiring them in the 2 ways above

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  • Like Jesse said - Here are some amps that could work.  Best sound/value is probably the Clarion APX-1300, just keep the gains way down.  Best match for the money is probably the first two Blaupunkt's.

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