Replacing Stock JBL Subwoofer in Toyota Avalon 2000 XLS

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Replacing Stock JBL Subwoofer in Toyota Avalon 2000 XLS

  • Hey guys/gals -

    I recently purchased a Kicker C8 subwoofer to replace the stock JBL subwoofer in my 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS. I bought the car used about a month ago, and the previous owner had blown the subwoofer.

    Toyota has a proprietary plastic plate that their JBL subwoofer screws into, which is then screwed into the frame (the speaker placement is with the center rear brakelight box, in the cab behind the rear seats). My question is this -

     Has anyone successfully used gorilla glue to attach a subwoofer to a mount? I'm thinking about doing this, as it's my only option (besides trying to screw this speaker into the 1/8" plastic ring mount).

    Let me know if you've heard of this before.


  • Have you though of making a steel plate to replace the plastic 1?

    A duplicate of factory bracket cut out of 1/8th sheet metal should be plenty strong to handle a small sub an you won't have to worry about it coming lose.

    Just a idea, Mike

  • I like the steel plate idea (or maybe even wood), (I don't like the glue idea), but would this work:

    I'm not sure how the plastic attaches, but could you drill it to match the speaker bolt pattern and then use machine screws and nuts with a countersink on the top face of the plastic?  This would likely hold better than trying to use sheet-metal screws into the plastic.

    Also, you might need an aftermarket amp to properly power the C8, but you can try the factory one.


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