How do I hook up 2 amps, 1 sub and 6 speakers?

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How do I hook up 2 amps, 1 sub and 6 speakers?

  • Ok so I won a sweet kicker system for my car but I've never bothered with audio before so I need help.

    The car is a 97 Camaro z28 with all stock audio equipment. (6speakers)

     What I have to put in

    Kicker S12 L7 sub

    4 Kicker RS65.2 Speakers (6.5")

    1 Kicker 350.4 4 channel amp

    1 Kicker 750.1 Monosub amp

    I'm planning on buying a new head unit also,

    Here's the questions I have-

    What type of outputs should the head unit that I buy have?

    Should I have a distrobution block for the power cable to the amps?

    How can I connect 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp?

    Will I need a 2nd battery/capacitor/or a bigger alternator?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I want to get this done before it snows and I can't drive it!

  • You will need a dist. block for the power wire and the ground wire as well. A capacitor is a good idea for any application involving an amp.

    You are a little unclear with the six speakers thing. You said you have 4 6.5" kickers are the other two just stock speakers in your camaro? Or are they just tweaters?

     If they are tweaters you can buy a cheap crossover and wire both your front speakers and the tweaters into the same channel on the 4chnl amp. 

    If they are factory speakers you might consider buying another low power 2chl amp or just wire those 2 speakers into the new Head Unit.

    As far as head unit outputs, make sure your ead unit has three pre-amp outputs (RCA outputs) front/rear/sub. You will need to run three sets of RCA cables, 2 for the 4chnl, and 1 for the mono amp. Note: All RCA wires come with two wires, a left and a right channel. You will need three of these sets. 

    As for your alternator. Take the car to Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts, or any other chain auto parts store and ask them to test your alternator. You need the amount AMPs that your alternator is putting out. Ussually around 70-90A. Compare your findings to the factory specs. If your alternator is close to what it should be, than you should be ok. If not, you will definately need to replace the alternator. It is up to you whether or not to spend the big bucks for a high output model. There are some places that will take your stock alternator and re-wind it with more coils. This will give it a higher output. 

     A second battery is a bad idea unless you have a high output alternator and a battery isolator. 

    Loud and Nasty!!

  • ok thanks for that. Sorry about the speakers being unclear.

    In the car now there are 6 speakers total. in the doors and pillars there are 6.5", which i plan on replacing with the kicker speakers. In the rear there are 2 4" speakers. will a head unit come with 3 rca outputs and a place to wire the speakers staright to it?

  • You don't really need a ground distribution block, you will for power.

    I would run the 4-inch speakers off the rear head unit outputs (or just disconnect them).

    will a head unit come with 3 rca outputs and a place to wire the speakers staright to it?

    Some do, some don't.  If it has 3 RCA's it will.  Really all you need is subwoofer RCA's since the 350.4 will accept speaker-level inputs, but RCA's give you better sound and easier wiring, so you might as well look for it, but if your heart gets set on a HU with only subwoofer pre-outs, all is not lost.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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