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Optical Audio Out Doesn't Work!

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Optical Audio Out Doesn't Work!

  • My TV is a Sony KDS 60A3000. My sound system is a Sony HT-DDW660. I use the Terk HDTVa antenna to pick up local HDTV channels. I hooked an optical audio cable from the optical audio out port on the TV to my sound system but I can't get the TV audio to come out of the sound system. The optical input on my sound system works perfectly for my PS3. So I know that the optical cable is fine, the sound system accepts optical audio, and I know which input to set the sound system to. Also the only relevant audio option I found in the TV menus is to switch from "TV speakers" to "Sound System". I did that but still no luck. What am I doing wrong!? Please help!
  • Sometimes the TV will have a mute function in the menu that will need to be "turned on" in order to activate the digital audio function of the TV.  Throughly read the owners manual and you should find the correct "switch" that you need to activate.

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  • I switched it from TV Speakers to Audio System. There doesnt seem to be any other menu option to switch the audio output.
  • after you set the tv speakers to audio system, an option below tv speaker labeled audio out will be enabled...

    set it to "fixed."

    so tv speakers is set to 'audio system' and audio out is 'fixed.'


  • I set it to Fixed. Still no sound.
  • try a power reset on the tv, unplug for a minute, plug it back in. make sure the speakers are off on the tv and audio out is set to fixed. check if there is a signal coming out of the ot cable. disconnect it from the receiver end and hold it against your palm, if a red light comes out of the cable that means signal is passing through from the tv, if it does not emit a light against your palm you got a busted optical audio output on your tv. if it does emit a red light hook it up to the receiver and make sure you are on the correct input or function on the receiver (VIDEO input or function as i see it the manual of your ht), make sure optical input is selected on receiver (press input mode repeatedly on receiver so that OPT IN will come up on the display of the receiver). increase volume on receiver.

     hopefully that will work...

  • Still doesn't work. Any other ideas? Is there an HDTV antenna that has an optical audio out port?
  • Try to use the analog outputs to the receiver(white/red) and see what happens.If your tv audio OUT is switched on then go to your receiver and make sure you have selected the proper input selected. Also switch between inputs just to see if audio activates for any of your choices.   maybe, also see if the optical input and not  the digital imput is on,(rca orange). Just for the heck of it see if your tv sound works with out going to a receiver.Maybe since you are using an antenna , you can only get stereo,why use an optical cable. Go one step at a time and you should hopefully find the right hook-up