Receiver Zone question. Zone 2. (denon brand receiver)

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Receiver Zone question. Zone 2. (denon brand receiver)

  • I thought that Zone 2 would be a third set of speakers in addition to my A and B zones.  However, I can't get it to function that way and i was wondering if Zone 2 needs another amplifier or something in order to use that as a truly separate zone/set of speakers?  I have speakers plugged into the zone 2/back surround plugs, but I can only get them to turn on when I assign them as a zone A or zone B.  When it's set up as Zone 2 there is no sound.   In case you aren't aware, the Denon receiver gives you audio options which lets you select which amp the zone 2 speakers are powered through..not sure if all systems are like this or not!  Any one have any ideas?  I hope my problem is clear... Thanks in advance!
  • Assuming your Denon offers 7 channels of amplification, you should be able to use the extra two channels (6 & 7 also called back surround) to power a separate pair of speakers in another location. The “Zone 2” option should provide independent source and volume controls for the secondary location.

    Keep in mind, most receivers that offer this feature will not provide a digitally connected source in zone two. This means, if you’re trying to distribute your DVD player or cable/satellite box to the second zone, you would have problems if these sources are connected to the Denon with optical, coaxial, or HDMI cables. To test the capability, I recommend connecting your speakers to the “Back Surround” or “Zone 2” speaker outputs and select the FM tuner as the source. If you are able to get the FM tuner to play in Zone 2, then the other sources are probably connected with a digital audio cable.

    To remedy the situation, you may want to connect stereo RCA cables from your desired sources to another, unused, input on the Denon receiver. You can then select the new source, (connected with the RCA cables) to be distributed to “Zone 2”

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • Make sure your inputs are analog.  I had the same problem with my 2807.  I was trying to use an optical input and there was no sound.  I used RCA jacks from my source to the RCA in on my receiver and it worked.  Hope this helps.

  • Assuming you are using the Powered Zone 2 (Surround Back) outputs of the receiver, you shouldn't need another amplifier. As was mentioned, the signal coming to the receiver that you want to play in the second zone must be analog.

    Digital signal will only play from the main zone.

    Also, the second zone has its own volume control. Out of the box, the volume for Zone 2 is turned all of the way down.

    What Denon receiver are you using? I would like to check to be sure that there are no other settings that need to be changed.


  • I have a Denon AVR-2106 receiver.   Speakers are wired to the Front, Center, Surround, and Surround Back/Zone 2 systems.  Could you recommend a Zone 2 Amplifier in the $200.00-300.00 range.  Since the Surround Back/Zone 2 system is in use, I understand a Zone 2 amplifer is necessary to add Zone 2 Speakers to System. This amplifier will be operating JBL 175 watt speakers.

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  • All you would need is a stereo amplifier. Of what we have available, my personal preference would be either of the Onkyo receivers. Here's a link to all of them though.