Benefits of a multiple TV setup

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Benefits of a multiple TV setup

  • I've been working for Crutchfield for 10+ years, and over time have put together a multiple TV home theater setup that I absolutely love! Before I worked for Crutchfield, I would go to a sports bar to watch NFL games on Sundays. This was sort of the genesis of my idea.

    Then when I first started working at Crutchfield, I would gather all the TVs from different rooms in the house and put them together in the same room on Sunday mornings. I would then have to put them all back after the football games that night. I now permanently have a total of 4 televisions in the same room (a 32" LCD, 37" LCD, 30" CRT, and a front projector with a 100" screen mounted above the 3 TVs), with everything connected through a Denon receiver. I have the Polk Surroundbar with a Velodyne subwoofer connected to the Denon receiver.

    Being a sports fan, the obvious benefit is being able to watch up to 4 games simultaneously. I have basic cable & DirecTV, and subscribe to the NFL, NBA and MLB packages. When seasons overlap, I can watch my favorite teams the Yankees and Steelers, or Lakers and Yankees, when they play at the same time. My laptop is also connected with the front projector to lookup stats and information, while watching 3 NFL games down below. I can also play video games (Gamecube and PS2) on the 100" screen, while watching sports and/or movies on any of the 3 TVs. Many times, I will have NBA or baseball games on with the sound turned off, while I watch a movie, TV program, or playing  video games.

    As you can guess, I'm single with no kids and I realize this may be a little over the top and not for everyone. But this is a great option for sports fans and/or video game enthusiast and doesn't have to be as complicated as my setup to watch multiple games simultaneously. Just putting this out there for the sports fan who may not have thought of doing this.

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  • no thats a set up...

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  • That's fantastic!  I have a similar getup in my basement for hockey season:

    Very old 48" rear projection TV

    32" CRT TV

    my Laptop


    Subscribe to the hockey game packages online and on cable so that I can watch at least 1 hockey game (outside of my home team) every other night.  In some cases I'll have all three sets going. 

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010.