Time Warner picture is too 'zoomed in'

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Time Warner picture is too 'zoomed in'

  •  just got a new Sony 40 inch LCD and use Time Warner cable HD. The HD picture seems to be little too 'zoomed in' so the edges get cut off. For example if I am watching Sportscenter, I do not see the ESPN sign fully. Its more Like ESP. Also the bottom ticker font appears huge and i do not see the the up coming segments that they usually show  to the right during the morning Sportscenters. The non-HD ESPN looks fine

    Other HD channels appear zoomed in too

    When I try to adjust the picture to 'Normal', the option appears greyed out so i can only select 'Full' or 'Zoom' or 'Wide zoom'.

    I am sure its not the TV but the broadcast. Any solution to this?


  • Sounds like a setting on the TW cable box or remote. You may need to adjust the settings to match those of your TV. If you don't have the cable box manual, if you know the model number you can typically find the manual online. You may just need to reboot the box.

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  • for you to determine where this issue is comming from, is to check if its happening on other source. if your only getting this issue while watching channels from you tw cable box that means its a cable box issue. but if this issue is happening on all sources that means that its a tv issue. but tv is only a sources dependent product.