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Color ghosting on Sony's Grand Wega LCD projection 42"

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Color ghosting on Sony's Grand Wega LCD projection 42"

  • We've loved the 42 LCD rear projection TV for a while now; recently in the bottom right hand corner we're getting this blue splotch - it' not well defined like a misalligned mirror might look.  Any ideas?  Is this an early sign of the bulb burning out or something more serious?

    [edited by: Stonee at 3:54 PM (GMT -5) on Thu, Jul 05 2007]
  • This sounds suspiciously like failed pixels. Once an LCD pixel fails, you will have a fixed point of blue or red light where the failed pixel resides. If you have multiple pixel failure in the same location, this could appear as a blue “splotch.”

    If you get close to the screen, can you see a group of individual dots that comprise the “splotch” or is the area less defined? If the affected area is less defined and “cloudy” you may have a problem with the light engine itself.


    Anyone else have a diagnosis?    

    [edited by: Ryan at 10:10 AM (GMT -5) on Fri, Jul 06 2007]