47" LG LCD 1080p Has "Sparkles"

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47" LG LCD 1080p Has "Sparkles"

  • Hi,
    I have an LG 47" LCD and PS3 Blu-ray and a Sony upconverting DVD, my signal is coming through HDMI cables.
    The problem I am experiencing is what i refer to as: sparkles. I don't know if it's noise or what. But I have noticed it whether i use my PS3 or the DVD player so I assume it's the tv.
    With bright colors I notice what appear to be tiny sparkling dots. The first time i saw it was on a Blu-ray Stargate. really irritated me, I assumed it was due to the transfer from standard to High-Def. I then noticed it on a Blu-ray 300. I have found that if I drop it to the User 2 setting, which is much warmer and puts in more of the yellow tones, that it greatly reduces the appearance of these sparkles.
    I purchased the Monster ISF calibration disc and ran it, but it made no mention of, nor did it explain how to set, the backlight. And after using it I realized it wasn't even Blu-ray- how the hell that is an HDTV calibrator when it's not even an HD signal, I don't know. Anyway.
    So I thought maybe it was my backlight setting, but it doesn't really matter where it's set, I can still see the sparkles.
    I thought it might simply be my PS3 but I checked my DVD player and I can see them on it as well. I notice it most on live action movies and especially ones with a lot of saturation. I have watched Ratatouille and it looks phenominal. But again 300 looks almost like everyone is covered in shiny sand. blah.
    And, interestingly enough, most of my PS3 video games, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, Burnout Paradise, GTA4, look awesome. The only title I noticed an issue with was Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, where I needed to adjust it to User 2 because of the sparkle effect. But on that game it looked more like overly bright sections in the edges of the rendering. I assume they look great because they are pretty much just animation. It really seems to be a live action issue.
    Any help anyone can offer would be great.  I am really not impressed with this whole HD experience and I really like LG and they had great ratings for my price range. I'm worried I'll wind up having to spend $200-300 to get it calibrated and even then I'm concerned that they'll just tell me it's common and there's not much they can do. psh.
    Please let me know if anyone else has had this issue and what I might do to correct it.
  • From what you are describing, the crystals seem to be improperly firing pixels in your display.


    What is your model number?  I'll find out if this is a common issue and try to locate some troubleshooting / resolution methods for you as well.

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  • oi, it's a 47LC7DF

    Is it just me or does that sound kinda bad?

    I've only had it for 4 months and it's been like that pretty much from the get go. I hadn't watched a blu-ray movie until I'd had it for a couple of months. As I mentioned before, I didn't notice the issue with games. It's not my principle tv so I only use it a few hours a week: video games or movies. what a bummer.

    Thanks for all your help. 

  • If you purchased it locally and it is new, you should ask the vendor for a replacement while you can.  This will eliminate a problem with that individual set and maybe point to some internal problem with the LCD panel itself.


    In the mean time however, I'm going to search the web for some information.  I'll see what I can come up with.

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • I have seen a similar sparkling effect to what you are describing when using low quality HDMI cables to carry a very high resolution image. The cables work just fine at 480i/p, maybe fine at 720i/p, but somewhere betweeen 720i/p and 1080i/p the sparkling starts to appear.  What kind of HDMI cable are you using, and do you know if its rated to handle the high def resolutions?
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  • Really?

    Hm that would be interesting. Might answer why most games are pretty ok. But I was under the impression that a digital signal was either on or off. there really wasn't much degradation related to cables. Intriguing thought, and relatively easy and sort of cheap to test.

    Thanks for the input. I think both of the HDMI cables i have are the same brand i think. i'll have to check 

  • As too the above post. 

    That's kind of scary. What are your thoughts on the cable suggestion?

    Guess i might have to contact lg. bummer 

    I'm afraid I am past the lovely 90 day for local but I believe it has a 1 year manufacturer. I had hoped to get a Plasma but they discontinued the model i wanted just as i had the money to buy. sniff. it had a 2-year warranty. oh well what can you do? 

    Thanks again for all your help 

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  • It is very possible that your HDMI cable is causing this.  I hadn't thought of that before Paul brought it up.  Here's a good read on cables with a segment on HDMI near the bottom.  It might be of some help: Crutchfield - Cables


    Doing the cable swap might be a simple and easy solution before trying to return the TV.

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • I missed this article,

    "Both DVI and HDMI cables can carry standard-definition and high-definition digital video signals. HDMI is also capable of carrying 2 to 8 discrete channels of digital audio, depending on the capabilities of the source component."
    ---Audio and Video Cables: Does Quality Matter, by Ralph Graves

    I honestly don't know if I got the standard-def or not 

    I read this one, and this is where i based my decision on what cables i got (oops, maybe)

    "... You won't see dramatic differences in picture quality among HDMI cables. Unlike analog video transmission, which can display varying degrees of picture quality, digital video transmission either delivers a clean, clear picture or no picture at all. But you'll still want to choose a high-quality HDMI cable, especially for longer lengths or in-wall installations. Different cables use different materials and construction techniques, and some are rated by the manufacturer to maintain maximum signal quality over longer cable lengths. Some users have encountered interoperability issues when making HDMI connections, but these are almost never the fault of the cable itself."
    ---Ins and Outs of HDMI, by Steve Kindig 

     Looks like i mainly picked out the "no picture at all," figured i was safe and ran with it. lol

    I will give it a shot and see what happens!

    Thanks so much for all your help. I'll let you know what happens

  • unfortunately that was a non-starter.

    $100 Monster ultra 800 cable and I have the same issue that i did before.

    I guess it's something else.

    So i'll check into what i need to do with lg. see if they'll send someone out to look at it, or at least give me some options. unless anyone has any other ideas.

    Maybe i'll see about having someone come out and calibrate and see what they say, but i'm really leery of spending another $200-300 to still have the same issue. Call me pessimistic but i don't know if they'd be straight up at the outset and let me know if they can correct it, or if they'll do their "magic" charge me, then tell me they can't do anything about it.

    Thanks again for your assistance though, i figure it was worth a shot. If anyone thinks of anything let me know.


  • I'm sorry to hear that the cable wasn't the problem. Hopefully LG can get it figured out quickly and inexpensively.
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