picture quality for Sony vs Panasonic

  • I rounded down my camera choices down to 2 slim-line digital cameras.  The Panasonic Lumix DMC FS5 (10 meg 30-120 2.5 display) and the Sony DSC W-150 (8 meg 30-150 2.7 display).  I feel that from 8 to 10 meg won't make much difference just like the display of 2.5 vs 2.7.  The aperture range and camera size are also identical.  The Sony is priced slightly higher which isn't significant.  By looking at the specs on paper the Sony seems better because of the larger range of the 5x optical zoom which may come in handy.  I have viewed the reviews and they both are good.  Anyone has an opinion as to which one has a better picture quality (largest print size 8x10)
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  • If it were me (personally speaking) I would go for as much Optical Zoom as possible.  You never know when you'll need it...

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  • Why don't you look at the Ricoh R7 or R8.....great cameras fantastic focal length 28-200 hard to beat that in a pocket rocket.
  • The very first digital that I had was a Sony. There is nothing that i can think of that captures color like the Sony lens. Now I won't trade my SLR for the world; bu,t sometimes I wish it would capture some of the richness that the Sony did. But then again; I am still very much an amaturre.