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  • Got the basic EyeFi as a gift from someone who assumed I'm running Windows XP. Well, I'm running Ubuntu and the company informs me they do not have, nor have any plans for, a Linux version. Before I try to install the EyeFI software anyway to see if it just might work, I'd love to know if anyone has tried it, and succeeded or failed. Thanks for helping.   ...Fred

    P.S. -- I don't know if this site sends notification, so I'd like to ask that you email me directly as well at im2tonic AT yahoo dot com. Thanks again.

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  • I'm not a Linux guru, but you could look on some of the Linux support boards.

    Worst case, I would think it might work under WinE, but I don't know if that would require you to have WinE up all the time, which somewhat defeats the convenience.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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  • Have a look at EyeFi Linux Hacking Blog, and the EyeFi Config tool that's been released.