• Which type of filter would allow one to catch the true colors of a sunset. I have a circular polarizing filter on my camera but that doesn't seem to so it.  I have a Canon Rebel XT.

  • There really isn't a filter to do this - your circular polarizer will be great for darkening the sky, which in some situations may enhance your photo. What's much more important is how you set your white balance. I've always found that Canon's auto white balance can become confused a bit in sunlight. I'd try setting it at daylight (the little sun icon) and see how that looks. For an even warmer look, you can try the cloudy setting.

    Another option is to shoot in RAW, as this will allow you to move the temperature slider, adjust tints and saturation, and generally give you a high level of control over your finished photo.

    The great thing about shooting digitally is that you get instant feedback, so it's good to try a few things to see what'll work for you. I found a handy page dedicated to this topic for you to take a look at:

    Good luck! 


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  • Thought of one more thing: if the colors still aren't looking right to you, and RAW's not your style, it's an easy fix in Photoshop. IMAGE > ADJUST > COLOR BALANCE brings up three color sliders; you can just slide 'em around until it looks right.