GPS with Nikon Coolpix P6000

  • Has anyone used the P6000 and how did you like the camera? The Users Manual seems overly cautious about the accuracy of the GPS being off by up to several hundred meters? It it is that inaccurate, then what would be the point of having the GPS feature, except in vast area photos?

    My use would be for photo documentation of linear utilities and rights-of-way.

    Thanks for any comments by persons having used the P6000 camera.

  • The P6000 is a camera first and foremost. It does not have a sophisticated GPS tracking chip to dial in a precise location. For something precise to be used in a scenario such as yours I suggest using two separate devices, a digital camera that meets your specific photographic needs and an accurate handheld dedicated GPS device, such as one of the Garmin handhelds and keeping a log of the coordinates with the appropriate photo file as you go along. The P6000 is more meant for the casual user looking to plot a general coordinate in a database such as Google Earth or another similar module for fun mostly.