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  • To Crutchfield Customer Support,

    I recently bought 2 x Sony Cyber Shot Camera as Christmas presents. Unfortunately, I purchased them directly from Sony Style On-line becuase the models I needed were temporarily out of stock at Crutchfield.

    Over the past 3 days, I have spent more than 200 minutes on the phone trying to reach a on Sony's Support representative in an attempt to replace a faulty memory stick that was purchased with one of the cameras. Trying to reach customer support on-line is also impossible using Sony's website - there are serious flaws in their system.

    Anyway, this is not really Crutchfield's problem, but I am wondering how Crutchfield is dealing Sony service issues with this incredibly frustrating service from what should be a blue-chip organization. I was looking to purchase a Sony Bravia XBR HDTV and BlueRay player this year from Crutchfield, but this experience with Sony has left me very bitter indeed.

  • Welcome Tokolosh,

    I can't say how Crutchfield works their majic, but I've asked for someone from the CF staff to shed any possible insight.

    When ever I need to get intouch with any sort of trouble shooting group, I make sure I have plenty of time on hand and a good speaker phone.  That way I don't feel rushed and my arm doesn't fall asleep after the first 15 minutes.


    Good Luck!

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    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • Hi Tokolosh,

    I sent you a Private Message with some information that may be helpful. Let me know if whether this situation is resolved or not, and if there is anything else I can do to help.