Making a dvd video

  • I have pictures from a Finepix camera I also have photos downloaded onto my computer from slides that are now jpeg. I am wondering if it is posible to burn a dvd with these photos so I can view them on my television. I have a 50" tv and a sony 120 camera. Is there a program I need to get to do this. I know I can view them on a dvd on the computer but would like to view on the tv or be able to give to someone as a gift. Any help is appreciated. Martie 
  • Hey Martie, I've got good news. This is actually pretty easy to do so long as you have the right video gear. Most DVD players have the ability to play .jpeg files (the files your pictures are formatted as). Using your computers DVD burning software, you can burn these files to a DVD disc as a "Data Disc" (as opposed to DVD video disc). When you insert the disc with the images burned to it into your DVD player, you can then view all of the photo files on your TV. Many DVD players even offer a slide show option that lets you sit back and watch while the player automatically flips through your photo's. I hope that helps!