Click .... wait for it .... then picture snaps ???

  • I am unsure WHY my digital camera takes so long to actually TAKE the picture.  I click the button and a good 2 seconds pass before it "clicks" .. can anyone help with that? I have a SONY Cyber-Shot DSC-H5 which I got at Crutchfield two years ago.  Any suggestions?
  • Focus your shot by pressing the shutter button halfway first, then press it all the way down when you're ready to shoot. This will all but eliminate "shutter lag" in any modern camera. I can't speak for your camera specifically, but there's usually some sort of confirmation that it's ready to go - like a green box (showing when focus is achieved), or a beep or something.

    The reason it's taking so long is that it has to lock focus, figure out the exposure, and make other calculations before it actually takes the shot. All modern cameras use this two-stage shutter system, so if you're in the habit of pressing down in one smooth motion, you'll encounter some lag (more noticeable the less light is around).

    Hope that helps...good luck.

  • What you are experiencing, is called shutter lag.  This plague's most low-end, and even some mid-range cameras.  This can be for one of many reasons.  One, a cheap camera.  Nothing's wrong with them, but as with everything else, you get what you pay for, and this is just one of the things that comes along with low-end cameras.  Two, auto-focus.  Most camera's will attempt to auto-focus before taking the shot.  To circumvent this, do what Zak said.  Press the shutter button halfway down, wait 'til it focuses, then press all the way down.

     I've never used one of the low-range cameras, but I'm just throwing out what I have heard about.