how to choose first zoom lens

  • Too many to choose from. Does seem like IS is important.. HELP I have a canon xsi
  • IS is very nice to have in a zoom lens. For your Rebel XSi, I'd recommend the Canon 55-250mm IS lens as a first zoom. It's not terribly big, and it's inexpensive. If you bought your camera as part of a kit with the 18-55mm lens, you would have a nice range of focal lengths covered. That lens is perfect for outdoor shots of kids, pets, and wildlife. The IS works really well, too.


  • I own an XSi and have used a higher-end Rebel with a similar (maybe the same) lens. I'm not a photog, but definitely agree that a 55-250mm lens would be the best next step.
  • Thanks so much to those who responded!! I was just looking at that lens and hoping it would prove a good choice!! Can't wait to try it Wink