lens changing bags?

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lens changing bags?

  • I am new to Crutchfield and the forums, so here is my first posting. 

    I have been using a P&S digital camera for years and I will be new to DSLR cameras (I am getting ready to purchase one from Crutchfield) and was wondering about ways of preventing or minimizing dust contamination when changing lenses, especially outdoors.

    I tried a search on this topic and could not find anything in the forum about it.

    Is there such a thing as a small bag into which the camera is inserted (kind of like the old developer darkroom bags used in the days of developing film) along with the lens for changing without having dust contamination? (Although changing lenses blind may not be the wise thing to do since I have never attempted it.)

    Just wondering if such an accessory exists or is commonly used. I do realize that dust cleaners are built into cameras or that a photo shop could easily clean dust off the sensor or that software can be used to remove dust images from photos.

  • I'm not aware of any 'dust bag'. I would suggest to turn the camera so that the lens opening is facing  downward to minimize dust. Also, if you are outside use your body as a shield against wind. 


  • OK, junior77. Thanks for the advice.
  • No problem...having said that, dust is gonna get in there over time. Unless you work in a completely dust free atmosphere, or find some sort of disposable bag that is dust/lint free like you were thinking.  But like you said, there are ways to fix it, remove it...
  • In the olden days, we had camera bags with "sleeves" on each end to allow us to slip our hands through the sleeves (two sets of elastic on each end) and change film without exposing the camera and film to light.  It was a godsend on the beach, for example.  We would also use this arrangement to change lenses when the atmosphere made it a chancy event.  On that same beach, particularly on a windy day.

     I don't have any idea if they're still available but you should check.  I still have mind from circa 1970.  Please remember if you take this route that you should be carefully vacuuming the interior regularly as some dust will always sneak in.  But at least you won't have it blowing in, which is the point.

     Good luck!

  • These are still around, and are great for loading film onto developing reels or into bulk loaders if you don't have a darkroom. But unless you're shooting the Baja 500 truck race in the desert, it would be just another thing to lug around. Junior77's got it right, just get good at blocking the wind with your body, etc.