choosing a compact digital camera

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choosing a compact digital camera

  • I am looking for a small camera that has the least amount of shutter lag and has a optical viewfinder.  I have a digital SLR but need a small camera for vacation with kids.  Any thoughts on Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS or Sony Cybershot DSC-W130?   Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  • Digimom,

    I'm sure you'll get some replies recommending cameras, but I thought I'd pass along a tip regarding shutter lag. If you press the shutter halfway first to focus, keep it pressed until the right moment, then press all the way to take your shot, you'll all but eliminate shutter lag in any camera (other than your cell phone, that is). Most times that shutter lag is just the camera doing all its calculations (focus, exposure, etc.)

  • Zakb,

    Thanks for the tip.  I'll have to try it after I decide on which camera to get .

  • Nikon P90.  Just back from Kenya horseback riding safari.  Quite rugged even with full gallop. Wonderfully convenient size - fit into a Victorinox lumbar pack on my waist. 24x optical zoom really works with effective motion stabilization program.  Nikon programming with scene choices was quite effective.  With 8GB San Disc Xtreme III card it can take > 1200 pictures at maximum settings. Minimum shutterr lag though of course not an SLR. The advantage of the zoom is was beyond my expectations.  In all, a wonderful camera.
  • There are so many compact cameras are avaliable in the market but I recommed this canon powershot  SX130IS <Mod Edit: Removed questionable link. Please refer to our Code of Conduct. Thanks.> camera to you. Here SOME FUN FEATURES of this camera which are 

    -Takes photos automatically when someone smiles.

    -Has a "wink" self-timer. 

    -Customizable self-timer. You can set the self timer to take as many photos as you want, at intervals of time, for example you can tell it take 30 photos in 3 second intervals, or whatever combo of numbers. Very cool feature.

    -Takes a photo when a "new face" enters the picture.

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  • I feel like weighing in again on this, because I have been shooting with an awesome little camera the last few weeks: the Samsung TL350. I love it for these reasons: 1. 24mm wide angle, 2. shoots in RAW if you want, 3. it's small, 4. manual shooting modes, 5. sweet OLED screen, 6. 1080p movies (especially awesome at 24mm), 7. does surprisingly well at high ISO, 8. handy gauges on the top for battery life and memory remaining, 9. sweep panorama mode. I could go on, and I will soon in a blog post.

    Plus it's a good deal right now. It's gonna kill me to give it back when I'm done with it.

  • I recommed this Canon SX210IS <Mod Edit: Removed questionable link. Please refer to our Code of Conduct. Thanks.> camera to anyone who is looking for the best  digital camera.In this camera the long end of the zoom is equally amazing . The image stabilization seems as good as Nikon's VR system.  The camera really shines in video mode, it focuses quickly and tracks action well. This Canon camera can continuously focus the image rather than having to press the button halfway to activate focus. In video mode, the exposure shifts in steps rather than gradual transitions. In other words, the exposure could be good for a particular scene and as it transitions to a different lighting scenario the exposure clicks to the proper exposure.

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  • I think the Canon SX130IS IS is the most camera you can get for your money, from the camera option.

    This is a decent point & shoot, but don't expect too much from it. Portraits will not come out very well, the lens is very wide so distortion is an issue, also, the portrait preset will give you weird colors and make the picture even softer. Very noisy when you go over 400 iso. Picture isn't very sharp, I never liked the overall softness

    This is a great piece of engineering. Looking for photo quality, then low light performance, then optical zoom. Really effective AUTO mode, but a nice range of shooting options too. The retractable 12x zoom make this a good "compromise" camera. Well worth having a few extra sets of NiMH rechargables in the case.