Need Lens for Nikon D80 for sharp clear pics

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Need Lens for Nikon D80 for sharp clear pics

  • I need help! I am needing a fast lens that produces sharp crystal clear photos.. I do wedding photography  and just not happy with my current lenses.

    I would appreciate any suggestions and recommendations. Thank you

  • For weddings (and especially wedding receptions), you'll need a lens with a large maximum aperture that lets in lots of light and lets you work with faster shutter speeds. Nikon's got you covered here, as they make two great, inexpensive, low-light lenses:

    50mm 1.8: works like a slight telephoto with the D80.

    35mm 1.8: the 35/1.8 is a little wider than the 50.


    For just a little more, the 50mm 1.4 is 2/3 of a stop faster than the lenses above. It's also of slightly higher build quality, though the lenses above are just fine if you ask me.


    If you can't live without a zoom, Nikon makes a superb one, the 18-200mm VR, that covers any focal length you'll ever need. Its drawback, however, is that it will not do you much good in a dimly-lit room without a flash.

    And if you shoot weddings, you may want to consider a flash.

    And a spare battery.


    Hope this helps!


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  • Zak, thank you for your response! it was very helpful..... I got the spare batteries and the so good on that =)

    my lens now is a 4.5 standard and I have a 300mm zoom they just dont give me the light or the sharpness I am liiking for! thanks again!!!!

  • Hey, azqtpiesx4, just wanted to follow up and agree with what Zak said. i use the 50mm f/1.8 with my Nikon D80 and it is great for capturing middle-distance images of people in motion without a flash. Because I mainly shoot photos of people, it has become my primary lens, and it is very affordable indeed.The sharpness isn't insane, but it's good, and the bokeh is luvverly.

    Because of crop factor, if I were buying today I might buy the 35mm, so I could get an equivalent focal length that's closer to 50mm.

    See if you can borrow someone's for an hour or two and play around.