sony dsc-t100

  • hi crutchfield,

    i got a sony dsc-t100, my cousin bought it for me on crutchfield about two years ago. recently the camera has been vibrating, and can't seem to focus correctly. i found the same problem but with a diffrent model camera the t20, but the lens are the same with the t100. i called sony, and told them about my problem and they said my warrenty is over and i would have to pay $141.00 + tax and shipping to get it fixed. i tired to tell them that the camera lens on the t100 is identical to the t20, but they told me it was a diffrent manufacture realease date so its diffrent. is there anything i can do to resolve this problem? does anyone have this problem?


    some additional information from another guy that had this problem

    and the dsc-t20 vibration problem




  • I hate to say it, but you're probably out of luck. I wouldn't pay to have it fixed, either. For around the $141 Sony has quoted  you can buy some pretty decent cameras these days.


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