Buying Cameras From China -Good or bad choice

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Buying Cameras From China -Good or bad choice

  • Most people think cameras form china ranks low and middle class in the market. But how are they really is?  Now we will take a detailed analyse:

    Customers always take the first glance much. China cameras once give a feeling of children's toy, but now they do have a big improvement. For instance BenQ DC5330, looks nice and fashionable.

    China cameras do a bit left behind. First, they seldom has over 4X optical zooms which is a big attractive to customers. Second, there are few ones supports RAW format picture which features less noise. To be cheerful, they also noticed this and started to improve. LENOVO So·Show730 is close to other Japan brand cameras.

    Image quality is mainly determined by lens. China camera manufactories are most good in electronic goods producing, weak in optical lens design, unlike other camera brands who take lens form renowned and professional optical lens manufactories.

    Lack in their core technology, make they can not control the market. 

    Brand factor is the key which restrict its developing. Actually, china camera in the market now, some of them do have a high class quality and reasonable price. Only they need are a strong brand and effective marketing.Take a instance the Slim 2.5" Symphony. This camera reaches middle range of camera market, auto focus, image stabilizer(anti-shake) and 6 mega pixels power.

    All of all, china cameras still have a long road to go, let's wait for it.

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  • i am all for the right of free speach but this post is compleatly usless for the purpose that the forum was created for...can we get a mod to loose this? 

    i have read in the news about people wanting to boycott chinesse made/grown products but come on now...this is not the time or the place to be disscussing these issues...

    does any one agree?......or not....

    just my oppinion

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  • My opinion - the main thing I see useless with the post, is I have no idea where I would buy BenQ, Lenovo, or Slim Symphony camera's short of flying to China and trying to get them back through customs myself. On the other hand, I imagine most of the Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Kodak, etc. cameras that I find at Wally-Mart might say "Made in China" on the bottom if I bothered to check...

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  • I would say if you are looking to buy a new camera then go with a brand that can be service easily and cheaply.
  • well, my camera  

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    was made in China, it is not a brand, not expensive, but it works fine for me.

    i think we should change our views on Chinese products, their quality has improved a lot.

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  • Maybe... I will have to look around for some reviews first.
  • yeah, i am also have this

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    from china, working rather well, no problem at all! And we all know, many famous brand products are machining in china. actually there aren't many difference between quality, the only big difference is price! so i mostly don't buy famous brand at all! what's ur opinions about my camera? Any disadvantages?

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