What's on your wish list this year?

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What's on your wish list this year?

  • It's really hard to believe that the Holidays are upon us. I've been thinking about some new toys that I could possilby add to my gear bag this year. Big Smile

    My wife has been asking me the past couple of weeks what I'd like her to get me for Christmas. My mind always goes to new photography equipment. A new lenses or two, new flash, or maybe even a new bag. The ideas are endless. No matter what she ends up getting me I know I'll be very happy with and will put it to great use.

    So what's on your wish list this year? I'm anxious to hear what some fellow photographers would like to add to their gear bag.

  • I'd freak is a new 7D Mk II showed up under the tree. Not going to happen though! I'll keep tossing pennies aside for that one.

    There will be a new Garmin Nav under the tree for my Wife however. Yes

  • I love that Canon S90 compact...f/2 at 28mm. Sweet.

  • Peace of Mind.



    GLH Geeked

  • I'm sure the wife will be very pleased with the Garmin, Malcolm.

    I agree on the Canon S90 too, Zak. That's a sweet camera. Too bad my wife already has a smaller digital camera or she would possibly be getting one of these. Can you tell I'm a Canon man?? Big Smile

  • I've always felt Canon makes excellent compacts, and I applaud their decision to dial back the megapixels with the G11 and S90. I'd love it if the S90 were a 6-megapixel camera.

    Sometimes the road you go down with cameras is your road for life...I have a Canon 40D, a 300D (original Digital Rebel), plus Elan IIe and AE-1 film cameras. So I guess I'm also a Canon man. But I'll concede that Sony & Nikon make some sweet cameras, too.