zoom lense for cannon digital camera

  • I am trying to decide which zoom lense to get. I narrowed it down to Tamron AF18-300 mm and Tamron AF28-300mm. Can someone tell me what is the pro and con for each one or make a recommendation of which one I should get.

    Thank you

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  • I assume the one is 18-200mm rather than 18-300mm. Anyhow, those two lenses are meant for two different cameras. The 18-200mm is designed for a "crop-sensor" camera, or one with a sensor smaller than a frame of 35mm film. Canon calls this "APS-C," and it's what the Rebels, 40D/50D/7D use. Nikon calls it "DX," and it's found on the D3000/D5000/D300/D300s.

    The 28-300mm is designed for a camera with a "full frame" image sensor - like the Nikon D700 or the Canon 5D markII. It'll work on the other cameras, too, but won't give as wide an angle of view as the 18-200mm.

    So it depends on your camera. If it has a cropped sensor, go with the 18-200mm. If you have a full frame sensor, go with the 28-300mm.

  • I have Canon Rebel EOS 500D/T1i and I mean Tamron EF 28-300 mm.

    Thank you

  • The 28-300mm will work with your camera, but I think you'll like the 18-200mm better since it gives you a nice wide angle field of view.

  • I would have to agree with Zak that the 18-200 would probably work out the best for your camera. Although, if you're looking for something that has a feature like Canon's Image Stablization, I would really look at the Tamron 28-300 Di VC Lens. This has the built in vibration compensatioin to help and keep images from blurring at times your hands might not be as steady. As Zak mentioned though, you will lose a little bit of your wide angel with this lens. Overall, Tamron makes a sound product and I don't think you would be disappointed with either of the two.