What is it about photography that you enjoy so much?

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What is it about photography that you enjoy so much?

  • Lately I've found that I've been asking myself the question, "Why do you like photography so much?" Honestly, I could probably list so many different reasons why I enjoy it so much. I guess the main reason is I've always been a people person. Running a photography business on the side allows me to interact with different people from different locations. To me I don't think there's nothing like meeting new people along life’s journey. I've found that no photo shoot will be the same, and that's what makes it fun along with challenging.

    I believe the second reason would have to be it allows me to get out and clear my mind. I enjoy grabbing my gear, heading out on a trail, and capturing nature’s beauty. This always seems to help me clear my mind and get rid of some stress if it's present.

    Since I've found myself asking this question lately, I figured I'd make a post and see why you enjoy photography so much? I look forward to reading your replies.

  • For me it started when I was a kid, and my father was a teacher at a private high school. We had the run of the photo lab there, and I'd accompany him as he developed film and made prints. It was something to do with my dad, but also strangely magical that you could stand in the dark and make photographs.

    When I was 10 or so I got my first SLR camera - a Pentax K1000, with a 55mm lens. It was the ultimate student camera...manual everything, though it did contain a built-in light meter. With one prime lens, you really learn to see.

    Today, I love documenting my daughter growing up. It's true what the old folks say, they really do grow up fast. 

    I'm also enjoying bringing old film cameras back to life - they cost next to nothing right now since most people shoot digital. There's something special and unique about a film image that digital cannot replicate. I still shoot mostly digital, probably 75% or so. But going back to film (and the simplicity of older cameras) lets me focus on what's in the frame and not bother with the 783 useless things every digital camera can do.

    Mostly, I guess, I just love to shoot, and to try and learn something. Photography is both refreshingly simple and maddeningly complicated, never a dull moment for me.

  • I just love taking pictures and even videos.

    I find that I take my camera with me everywhere I go.

    I find that I have been taking my point and shoot with me instead of my DSLR with the "L" lens since it takes great pictures and is not a burdon to keep with me.

    I find that I publish the pictures on Facebook or my blog.

    I also like to take pictures with my iPhone and post it to Twitter.

    I take about 1,200 pictures a year and am delighted that I do not need to get the pictures developed and printed as that used to cost me a bundle.

    I like to take pictures of thins that many people would not find interesting like a hub cap, or a close up of a car emblem or peeling paint and I always take pictures of cool vintage cars.


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  • I agree Clay, it's very nice to be able to load pictures straight to your computer instead of having to have them all printed. I normally load all of mine and then pick just the ones that I'd like to have printed.

    Another great point you brought out is the idea of using your point and shoot more than your DSLR. I tend to do the same thing since the point and shoot cameras have so many great features these days. It's very nice to be able to pull out your camera to grab a shot when time is an issue.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I spend a fair amount of time working in the garage on my car and motorcycle. Having the ability to take a photo, download it, and email it all within a couple of minutes while getting Technical Support on the phone is AMAZING. You can show someone far away EXACTLY what the problem looks like or how you are installing something incorrectly :)  What we did twenty years ago is a puzzle to me (struggled I guess).

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  • That's a very good point, Dave. I often wondered how things were accomplished in the past. Technology these days is amazing. I've actually had to do the same thing before while speaking with a technician. It's definitely a handy tool to have.