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Nikon D7000

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Do you folks know when Crutchfield will have the Nikon D7000 camera in stock?

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  • Hey, Marti,

    We have no estimated time of arrival on it yet. I’m very sorry. An order has already been placed with Nikon for that camera; we are just waiting to get some from Nikon. We probably won’t have a date until we are pretty sure that they are on their way to us from Nikon, especially with it being so new. There were Nikon d7000 release dates published online; however, I don't know that they were accurate.

    On the product page you can reserve one or you can sign up for an email notification when Crutchfield has extra’s in stock.


    Body only:

    I’m sorry. I wish I had better news for you.

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  • Sure they were accurate. Your competition has been selling them for 3 weeks. Some places even started selling them before the release date so, almost a month. They already have the body only shipping too and getting more coming in. What I don't understand is why Crutchfield still doesn't have any. I finally got an ETA for my order from but it's still a long way out. I know it's not Crutchfield's fault but it seems like someone could get on the phone to the Nikon rep and get something done.

  • I understand your frustration.  We take backorders on many items before they are released.  There are times when we have more backorders than we get equipment. 

    For example:

    We may have 200 back orders of product A.  We have them on order but the vendor is only saying they will ship 40 to us by the date of X.  The first 40 people on backorder then get an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the date X where the remaining 160 still have an ETA of Unknown.  The process repeats until all the backorders have been filled and we have extras available for immediate sale. Of course, these numbers vary. This is just an example.  Sometimes we have no problem getting new products. Other times we have trouble getting them based on supply and demand.  Sometimes it’s even related to production issues.

    We do have a merchandising department that is in contact with all over our vendors on a regular basis.  I promise you that they are doing everything to get it ASAP.

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  • This is good information. Thank you. Is it safe to assume that you have already received some and shipped them to early preorders? That makes much more sense than you haven't received any at all which is how I understood from previous contacts.

  • It looks as if we received one very small shipment.  It looks like three, possibly.  I am not sure exactly when we got those three. 

    We have more on order with Nikon than we have backorders.  It looks like the ETA of 11/15 for the Nikon D7000 DSLR will cover all of the backorders at this exact moment. 

    ETAs can change; however, we are very strict with them.  We do not want to disappoint people, so chances are this will be correct.

    I currently show an Unknown ETA for the Nikon D7000 DSLR Body Only.  We should be getting a shipment of these before the end of the month.  A certain number of people who put is on Backorder early now have an ETA on their orders.

    Because we are not a huge chain like some other retailers, sometimes we don't get as many items out-of-the-gate. I wish that wasn't the case, but it sometimes is.  I don't know if that was the case here or not. (O;



  • Brandy,

    Do you have any more information on an ETA for the Nikon D7000 - Body Only?


  • She said two days ago they expected a shipment by the end of this month ...Devil

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  • Thanks for the input tiger,

    I can read what she said two days ago, but stock status changes regularly and she did not give an ETA 2 days ago, she said they should be there around the end of the month. I was looking for an actual date like the 15th given for the Kits.


  • For those of you with an ETA, could you share your order date and what your ETA is? Im trying to get a sense of what the lag is.

  • I ordered my D7000 kit on 9/30 and it shipped 11/10. I don't believe that future orders will take that long but who knows? The website showed them as in stock here for a while yesterday. I know at least one person placed a new order for it yesterday and it shipped. I don't have a clue about body only. They're still going to be a while I would imagine.

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  • The current ETA that we have on the Body only is Unknown. If you have it on Back Order already you may have an ETA on your order. 

    You can call our CS department and check at 1-800-955-9091, or you can post your order number. I would be glad to take a look.

    We have some backorders with an ETA of about 11/17, some of about 11/23, and the rest are still Unknown.   The ETAs on orders vary depending on what number the order is in line.  The earlier back orders are shipping first.  We ship in the order the back orders are received.

    I cannot tell how many we will be getting this next shipment without manually looking at ever order that is currently on back order. Sorry.


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  • Yes.  It appears that we got enough of the D7000 kits to cover the previous back orders.  There are only a few on back order now and they appear to be orders from today, 11/12.  We must have covered the back orders and had a few left over.  (O;


  • Brandy,

    Thank you so much for the info. I called you CS department and I got my ETA. That was exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks Again.



  • Good deal, John.  Glad we we could help. 


  • I ordered the body only on Nov 9th and do not have an ETA yet. I wasnt expecting one being as how it has only been a few days since my order. Hopefully it will be in before Christmas though... With Nikon's track record of product availability, you can never be sure. I'll post my ETA when I get one. To the kit people, Happy Shooting!!


    Thanks for the info Brandy.