sony 50v the lens is too big 200mm+ my issues is that i plan on going to concert the venue said

"The zoom cannot exceed 200mm, this camera exceeds 200mm. No handheld camera can exceed 200mm, with or without a detachable lens. The physical size of the camera is not the issue, the size of the lens is the problem.  As longs as the lens does not exceed 200mm you are fine to bring it. Both of the cameras you have sent me exceed it by at least three times. Camera phones are ok, disposable cameras are ok, or any camera that does not exceed 200mm.  The numbers I highlighted below in the specs cannot exceed 200mm."

so is their a way to trick or make the lens just 200mm so that secuirty and the people at the front door think it only 200MM or less? So that I don't have to go out and spend money on another camera like the rx100?