• Over the years I have bought items from Crutchfield. Here is the Problem. I am a Professional Photographer. I am wanting to get the Best DSLR for my Business. I tried about  2 or 3  Cameras from Crutchfield, with no Luck. After reading reviews about the Nikon D-7100. I thought this might be the one. I ordered it. "BUT". I get a phone call telling me They will not ship it it, because I bought those other Cameras. So. The reason for this comment is. Be care full when you order from this Company. If you want to see what is the best for you. They do not want to do business with you.  There are too many other Companies that want your business. Like. B&H Photo in New York. They DO NOT give you this issue like Crutchfield. Try and see. Order something a couple of times. They do want you.

  • Do you need a tissue ?

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