DSCW5 (i believe)

  • hey ppl, i have a sony dscw5 that i took to the beach and right after it stopped working.i assumed it was the sea salt and took it apart cleaning it throughly. but when i put it back together it wouldnt come on. i then tried and tried and continued to fail. so after a week or so i picked it up again and tried with new batteries and suprisingly, it started. but then i realized that it was constantly dying, but not cuz of the batteries, i think there is some short somewhere, idk. but the most confusing thing is that all the controls are different. like the menu button zooms in and the zoom buttons do nothing..and a whole crap load of different settings. not to mention that if i set the time and date and turn it off, when i turn it back on it asks me to enter time and date again.. please help..thank you in advance..
  • I don't know that you have many options.  Perhaps the camera was on its last legs before you took it to the beach.  Maybe someone else will have a suggestion or two for you, but it's probably time to shop for a new camera.
  • My thoughts also.  The chip in it could have fried (electrical or thermalDevil).  If you understand circuitry and have a scope, you could maybe repair it yourself "My dad's a TV repairman, he can fix it" (for those that remember the Fast Times movie), but otherwise, it's probably not worth having a shop look at it.

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  • hmm..thanks..any suggestions for a new digi cam? on the finacially conservative side?
  • A great camera would be anything from the Canon Rebel series DLSR or the even a Nikon D40 or D80..  If you just want a point and shoot, I have always had great results with the Nikon CoolPix line. 

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  • I'm salivating over the Canon Rebel EOS XTi.  My step-daughter has one and it's in-credible.  Not sure what the OP's budget is though...
  • That is a great camera!  You can see my thread on it here: Thread from last years tough decision making process

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • From what I've gathered the Rebels are all pretty good, it's just that the XTi is at sort of a sweet spot in regards to price/performance for a casual photographer such as myself.

    And now that I think about it, she does have a higher-end model.  Whoops... 

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  • The XTi is great because it packs so many features into the camera.  I went from 3 mega pixels all the way up to the 10 in the XTi and the detail is fantastic.  I'm still learning how to shoot the camera properly, but I am getting better.  

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010.