problems viewing pictures

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problems viewing pictures

  • i have a sony T200 camera with the high speed mem stick. pictures looked fine on camera. i transferred them to the computer and tried to view them. when the thumbnails appear the picture shows up for under 1 sec, then gets 3/4 covered up by a gray screen. i can't view them properly. Any help with this problem is much appreciated.
  • When you transfer the pictures, can you open them up from a folder?  Are there any errors displayed on the computer screen if you can't?  I am not familiar with that Sony model personally but I would lean towards a computer problem more than a camera problem.




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  • I have an a330 and had the same problem until i loaded the files from the cd that came with camera  then I also found it was because the camera was set to take the pictures in the raw format

  • Weird. It sounds like a corrupt card - but since you can see them on the camera, it doesn't seem likely. What program are you using to view the pictures?

    I assume they're jpegs, since your camera doesn't shoot in RAW. Maybe do as the user above suggested and install Sony's software bundle that came with the camera and use it to transfer the photos.

  • I have had this same experience with a scanner that saved files to a memory stick. In my case I was saving files as jpg and transferring them directly to a Linux PC. Long story short...stick went bad. New stick; No more problem.


  • There's a good chance that the card could be corrupt. I've actually experienced this problem before. I've been able to view my pictures on the camera but then not be able to view them on my computer. I've also had it happen just the opposite, being able to view them on the computer and not the camera.

    There could be a couple things going on here. It could be a problem when the files were transferred. I would suggest the process of elimination. Try to view the pictures in a different program on your computer if you have one. If you still aren't able to view them then I would suggest re-installing the software and try the transfer again. if you're still having problems then i would try to capture some shots on a new memory card and transfer those.

    Hopefully this will help some, but if you're still having problems then we'll do our best to keep helping you until it's resolved. Yes