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Image Stabilization

  • I am considering several digital slrs, and am wondering about this feature. How important is it? Some reviews mention it, while others don't. What do you think, is it a deal breaker?


  • Is it a deal breaker? Probably not.  But is it worth it? Yes.

    If you do a lot of shooting with a tripod where your camera and lens are stable than you might not get as much use out of an image stabilized lens.  But if you do a LOT of shooting by hand with any large lens body than it would be worth it to get a lens with the feature. 

    Here is an example: Cannon XTi, medium JPEG settings, unfamiliar camera user, full zoom [135mm] picture taken by hand at the end of a dock


    Edit: Smaller picture to save space.

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  • I would look for the stabilizer just because it helps with the overall picture quality. That is my opinion though.