Life after Sony?

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Life after Sony?

  • Hello,

    My Sony DCR-TRV33 finally gave up the  ghost yesterday, after 6 years of faithful service. Sony says it will cost at least $271 to fix so I'm in the market for a new camcorder.

    I've been looking at the Cannon HV30 as a replacement and I had a couple of questions.

    I how long does the battery last? Can I get a longer run battery?

    And are there any "gotch ya's" with uploading the film via firewire to a MAC using iMovie?  This is what I've been using with my Sony.


  • Hey rayzorx,


    The Canon VIXIA HV30 seems to work with iMovie very well. Here is another person’s account of using that very camera with iMovie:



    As for a longer life battery, Canon sells the BP-2L14 and the BP-2L24. The NB-2L13 that the camera ships with offers 110 minutes of HDV recording with the viewfinder on bright, while the BP-2L14 offers 130 minutes and the BP-2L24 will record for 240 minutes. We carry the BP-2L14 which you can check out here:



    I hope that helps.