LCD Screen Not Viewable in Sunlight

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LCD Screen Not Viewable in Sunlight

  • Just got my Canon Vixia HF S200 from

    The more I read the instructions the more a like it but, the LCD screen is impossible to see even with the screen adjustment.

    Have tried and tried but I only see reflection in the surface of the LCD. Cannot see what I am filming.

    I live in south Florida and it's sunny down here!  I anticipate, at least, 40% of my videos are going to be in the sun light.

    If I don't  find a solution for this problem, I am afraid I'll have to return it and don't know what other camcorder to buy.

    Any ideas?






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  • We don't carry anything specifically made for the Canon camcorders, but we do carry a glare free cover for the iPhone which you should be able to adapt for your camcorder.

    Anyone have other ideas?

  • Hi Paul:

    Thanks for the great idea but, I am little concerned that the iPhone is a glass screen whereas the Canon Vixia HF S200 is a plastic, pressure sensitive screen.

    Has is been done before:?

    Thanks very much,