Choosing a mini dv camcorder

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Choosing a mini dv camcorder

  • I am ready to replace my ten year old JVC VHS camcorder. It still works fine but I want to upgrade to something a little less bulky. I have narrowed down my choices to the Canon ZR-950 or the Sony DCR H62. Both are this years models so it hard to find any professional reviews on either camcorder. My uses are family functions and vacations. Interested in video quality and ease of use. I believe the Canon comes with a back up battery and is a little cheaper. Plus a more powerful optic zoom. Don't really care about the ability to takes pictures with these camcorders. It's easy to be seduced by the Sony name. Can anyone give me some guidance? Sony or Canon.
  • Hello and welcome to the forums, joesupra!

    Those are both fine choices you've picked out. Since you're not interested in taking digital stills, the Canon really makes the best choice in this case. That was really the only advantage to the Sony. Canon, in my opinion, does a phenomenal job with their video/photography equipment because that's what they specialize in. They're very intuitive which makes it perfect for novices and experts alike. The Canon also offers a slightly better picture for video and a substantially better zoom. You'll also get a one year warranty with the Canon versus a 90 day labor warranty on the Sony. So to sum it up... go with the Canon--you won't be disappointed!

    I hope this helps. Anyone else have any insight?

  • joesupra:
    It's easy to be seduced by the Sony name. Can anyone give me some guidance? Sony or Canon.

    I'm not much into cameras, but my gut feeling was the same as Ace on this.  Sony makes great TV's and good audio equipment.  Canon, Minolta, and Nikon make great cameras (not that Sony doesn't make a decent camera, but ...) 

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  • As a Cannon Rebel owner, I would also follow Ace's recommendation and look into the Cannon. 

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  • Thanks to all for your opinions.