• I am a newbie in research mode trying to figure out the best way to go as far as a camcorder with good audio-preferrably one with external mic inputs and manual audio control. I will be setting up lights and maybe a chroma key muslin backdrop in my living room to shoot some acoustic guitar videos I would like to post on Youtube. I may also be recording some club gigs for the southern/classic rock band I play with on occasion. Would using a medium-lower end camcorder ($300 range, like the Sony DCR-HC28) with a beachtek XLR adapter with phantom power work just as well as something like a Canon HV20 w/ built in external mic and audio control? Would using Studio Pro Cuts software allow me to save money on the initial camcorder purchase? PLEASE HELP!!!
  • Hey Beau,


    J.R. asked me to post this for him in response to your video questions:

    Great questions man. You and me are in the same boat in many ways (band, gigs, video recording, You Tube, etc) I don’t think you’ll get good results with the Sony DCR-HC28, mainly due to its lack of a microphone input. You are right to use a mini-DV camcorder for maximum editing capabilities. The Canon ZR900 is probably what you are looking for. Mini-DV, Mic input, inexpensive. You’ll be thrilled with the results, especially it costing so little.


    As for the software you mentioned, I have no experience with Studio Pro Cuts, though I am aware of its reputation. I personally use Adobe Premier Elements. Really decent video editing software for those of us on a budget. It can be purchased for around $80 to $100.


    Good luck Beau, and send us a link to your videos once they are up, I’d love to see them.